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So i just met this girl in my class, she was all lost and we were looking for the room together and told her to sit with me cause we both knew no one on the first day of class( Used this more than once that day ;) ). got her number and all that jazz. Pretty flad i ran into her cause the teacher has the worst accent and speaks rediculously quiet so at least i had something to do haha. My games pretty tight in person but still lacking with texting when it comes to a girl i just met. She was shit testing me about not knowing her name cause halfway through getting her number i gave her my phone to finish it haha. She fucked up her name in my contacts so i was straight up honest and told her what i thought her name was and turns out i was right haha. So this is what i have so far. Any feedback is appreciated.

9:17am Me: I guess i didnt know your name... i thought it was ##### haha
3:30pm Her: haha it is! But spelled differently
7:15pm Me: you spelled it in my phone #### haha
7:15pm Her: ohhh my badddd
7:16pm Her: #####*
7:50pm Me: Did that asian dude give us homework?
8:08pm Her: I think so yah it's like on line
8:19pm Me: Damn im kinda bored, were playin soccer in the halls haha
8:42pm Me: R u goin out tn
8:44pm Her: Idkk I'm like so tired hbu?
8:47pm Me: Same I just came back from the rec, im beat. R u passed out right now? haha
9:09pm Her: Haha pretty much I don't want to move
9:29pm Me: You gotta get your beauty sleep, we need rise n shine early for another exciting class with Mr. ######
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Re: Where to go from here
Don't be pressured to respond to shit tests. If you don't remember a girl's name be like "Girl.. I thought your name was Sharon Stone. But maybe I'm wrong." Or something like that. Play with it don't feel like you've fucked up by not remembering. You have to be "bigger" than the shit tests

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Joined: 08/09/2012
Re: Where to go from here
Thanks, I guess i got lucky by getting her name right haha. But yea ill definatly remember that from now on.
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Re: Where to go from here

Holy smokes, great reply manwhore.

I just wrote about this in a field report I wrote last night. I talked about how this girl, on our date, started off by giving me LITERALLY... and I mean, like this is probably a low-ball but at LEAST... 9-10 shittestss in the fisrt 30 minuets.... and these weren't little ones, these were things like, "I'm not going home with you tonight", "You think your the shit, huh", "I don't need to hang out with you", "How often do you hit on girls in the park", "So you come here by yourself a lot, isn't that weird" etc. etc.

And for the first time, I didn't even RESPOND to this stuff... Like I wouldn't utter a single word. I would just look at her and smile. And because there was zero fluctuation, internally... that was all I needed to pass her shittest.

Oh- or at times she was like, "You are so physical... you know you can't just have me whenever you want" and to this I actually DID respond... I looked at her smiled and just, in a VERY quiet voice, whispered to her, "I know" and then proceeded to pull her in and makeout with her.

Don't trip on shittests... they are silly and don't matter. If she's shittesting you it's because she's reacting to you. It means there is something about you that is, "Interesting". So you can either accept the label she's going to put on it, or you can remain committed to who you are at your core and have a greater understanding of YOURSELF than she has of HERSELF and the social world she lives in.

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Re: Where to go from here

LOL those major shittests are the easy ones I find. Just because they are soo obvious and absurd. It's the subtle ones the hit home is where I fuck up. The big ones are easy too especially since the only reference experience I have of them being thrown at me is when I can do whatever the fuck I want with the girl after. Literally, unless the big ones are upon open, if she gives me that shit on a day 2 it's like hahah so cute. She thinks I care. Like a little 5 year old throwing arm punches