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Joined: 06/19/2012
This site is like a divine blessing from the pickup gods in one of my darkest hours of puahood. I've been a whipped bitch for a month now when I fell head over heels for this nude model I fucked. *stupid stupid!!*

Now I'm trying to get back on the horse but it's like my game is sapped. I can barely have a conversation with someone on the street anymore! It's like my wit, my creativity, my humor is toast... I read a text from a girl and I go into retard mode and can't respond for hours. It's like my brain goes haywire and seizes up!

Maybe I need to go back to retard school I dunno, but how are you guys mustering all this wit and awesomeness with so little effort? Is this something I can work on, and what can I do to become more focused at it

Thanks and love the forum!
Joined: 04/20/2012
Re: Where is this creativity mustered from!
I think you just need to reground yourself. Your starting to become the squirrel instead of the oak tree. Your being reactive to girls. Instead center yourself and then get back at it. So do you for a while and learn to be happy with yourself. Go out with friends and remember how to vibe with your BFFs and girls your friends with. Then start gaming again. When you do that and get a text from some girl you won't give a shit cause you'll be outside your head
Joined: 06/19/2012
Re: Where is this creativity mustered from!

You're absolutely right, and I'm trying to get back to doing the things I enjoy, instead of constantly hunting for poon. But here's the thing, and I'll be completely honest here. I lost my V- card 9 months ago, at the right old age of 24.... It was a good first time, I didn't even cum. But it awoke some feral beast inside me, like I'm going through puberty all over again! My hormones are running wild, blocking out my higher brain functions. I can't go an hour during my day without getting "the craving"... Which obviously puts me in a very reactive state.

During the last nine months, I've managed to bang two 6's, two 8's, and a 9ish. I started setting my standards pretty high lately. Some of them even fell in love, so I must've been doing something right (I was pretty much just a sarcastic asshole the whole time) But the more and more success I have, the more and more I seem to crave it, and go into that reactive state. Now it's to the point where if I know a girl I'm talking to is DTF, I go full retard...

I had another 8 a week ago, totally DTF, had a meet all set up and we'd talked about screwing the entire day lol. But in my remorse over losing nude model, I let my psychologist friend convince me I should be looking for relationship girls only. So when I brought that topic up with HB8 before the meet, she freaked out and bailed haha! Pretty sure following that road leads to infrequent lays...

If my thoughts are a little scattered, well... my brainwave patterns would probably mimic those of a sex crazed baboon right about now. Obviously I need some work on blocking my lust for V long enough to actually get a girl in bed again!
Joined: 01/18/2012
Re: Where is this creativity mustered from!
What? No. Just stop listening to retard psychologists. I got the degree in cognitive science myself. Apparently that makes me qualified to speak on things like cognitive behavioral therapy and psychology. But that's bullshit. I have the life knowledge and experience to tell you your psychologist friend is fucking retarded, under social conditioning just like EVERYONE else, and you need to stop listening.

Control yourself, take right action, seduce a girl properly, and keep at it. Run proper game.

I have no patience for guys saying this shit is out of their control and they can't stop themselves from acting like retards. I hear that and I think troll and boom you're gone from this place.

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