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Pickup Coaching
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Hey guys,

Here at Manwhore's behest.

I seriously suck balls at text game and dont really even have a good starting point. Most of the girls Im talking to are social circle type things who are often "with" other guys (but not really, fuck that) and I have trouble figuring out how to be forward but not cross any lines.

Is there a good place to get a solid overview of things to keep in mind when doing it? I dont necessarily need to be told "what to say" like most newbies seem to, but I really just have no idea how to make this work for me.

Also, I know most of you guys are basing your ideas from cold approach etc, Id rather not turn this into a debate about how thats all I should be doing yada yada.

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Re: Where to begin with text game?
Maybe go grab some numbers and start experimenting.
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Re: Where to begin with text game?

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