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Ive been seeing this girl a while, and Ill probably be meeting her dad soon

would you just brush it off or what?

Girl: hi babe. Hope u hve a good day and test. :-* 

Me - 1 hr 47 mins later: Im off today. You had me thinking I missed my test lol 

Girl - 10 mins later: (1/2) My dad got up this morning an washed and waxed my car, changed my windshield wipers and filled the tank! So sweet! He said...your young man shld do that for y 

Girl: (2/2) ou. I dnt know whats wrong w this generation. Lol

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If she's making you

If she's making you sandwiches and doing your laundry then yeah, otherwise she'll end up banging someone else if you're doing stuff like that.


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Come over and make me a

Come over and make me a sandwich we'll talk about it :)