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*just startedmediation a few days ago and pardon me if its already common knowledge but this is how I see it helps me in the field.

If you cant control ur thoughts and self and focus while ur sitting still by yourself
How do you expect to do the same in front of a bunch of girls ?

Like half the time I mediate I dont achieve perfection or make it thru without thoughts but just the act of trying to and get control is in itself goes a long way in terms of building the willpower muscle.

Mediation is single biggest thing that increases willpower of flexing the muscle for me. I
When u are able to focus you are able to direct yourself to what your supposed to be doing vs allowing the procrastination part of your brain to take effect. This is in effect sutblty giving yourself control over ur because not only are you developing focus and your are literally training your brain to act as if it was a high value person. One who gets the job done.
Brain training 101
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That's cool that you've felt
That's cool that you've felt the effects in other areas of your life.

So far, I've mainly felt better during the meditation (the few minutes that I'm present in a 20 min session) and the time immediately after the session's over.

It's great to think I'm training my brain though. Makes me want to keep it up.
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That's a fairly accurate
That's a fairly accurate description of the benefits.

There's obviously several, but the biggest one for me is that it's a daily inner cleansing.

Our mind and body are constantly racing all day, and we need to give it an assigned time to rejuvenate.

The reason why you feel awesome afterwards is because you've literally flushed out the cortisol aka "BETA-BITCH JUICE" out of your system.