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Weird wtf tinder message I got, what would you do?

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Joined: 04/06/2012

I'm going by memory cause she deleted her profile or blocked me or something.  Idk if she was trolling or what.

There was a kurt cobain quote on her profile.

Me:  Hey I think you're cute.  Kurt Cobain quotes are always good.

Her:  Can you fuck me until I squirt

Me:  LMAO.  What?  This cannot be real.

Her:  Whaevs small balls

Me:  This is a bot.  This has happened to be before

Me:  If this is real, what's the capitol of Texas?

Her:  My clit

Me:  Ok what's your number?

Then blocked or deleted one of the two.

Joined: 04/06/2012
I can't tell if this is a

I can't tell if this is a real person or a prostitute or some shit.

Joined: 01/18/2012
Should have just gone with it

Should have just gone with it man. I've def had hookups like that before. Sometimes they're just horny 

Either that or it was a dude. Yeah it was probably a dude 


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Joined: 04/06/2012
I've had like spambots say

I've had like spambots say shit like that to me before.

And I actually thought it might be a dude cause I know dudes with no game go insanely sexual online and get nowhere.

If it was real I have a fuckbuddy now cause of text game. Gonna fuck her Wednesday so this is no big loss.