Flirty Texting results in First Date Sexcapade

By Manwhore
January 24, 2012

First several days of my time in Orlando I was sick like a fucking dog.. bein’ hopped up on Ranger candy and simple projection got me through the convention bit. But on the morning of the 23rd I woke up.. with morning wood. Happy times. I hadn’t had a boner in four days- I knew it was time to celebrate.
So that night I headed out with Nautilus, SDC and Android.. we go to a local bar and there are some good lookin’ girls there.

I tag a hottie in a skin-tight red dress, grab her and pull her in with an enthusiastic “Hey..!” She’s into me and I tell her she looks like Gina Gershom, ‘cuz she does. She likes that.. but her and all her friends leave and I didn’t do anything about it.

Anyways SDC is talking to this asian chick.. she’s with a friend- who is cute and has a tight little body, but her facial expression made her look so damn grim. Anyways I open with something like “Hey why you all grim.. like Darth Vader.” I start mimicking his breathing as I step in so I can do it in her ear. She laughs ‘n we vibe for a bit.

A little bit later she takes a drink from her beer, I put my hand underneath it and lightly push it up like I’m going to force her to drink the whole thing. Her eyes widen a bit and I ease off. I laugh and tell her the look on her face was just so cute. I tell her she was so cute I’m going to have to bite her now. I lean in and nibble on her shoulder a little bit. She looks at me incredulously and exclaims.. “Did you just bite me..?

I look at her seriously and say “You’re right.. that is weird. Usually I smell a girl first.”

I come in close again and place my nose against her cheek, then softly push it back into her hair past her ear and then brush it up past her temple. She’s quiet.. like a little bunny rabbit.

Anyways I act like nothing happened and we continue to stand there. I look at her belt buckle and say “Ok so what’s the deal with this belt buckle..

She tells me she got it from a gay friend who she says was apparently even smaller-waisted than she was. I ask her where the guy put his junk.. she says “Well he didn’t tuck it in if that’s what you mean.

I tell her I could never wear that belt. I say, “I’d never be able to fit ‘this’ ” As I say it I look down and place my hands on either side of my crotch and press down, fully outlining my package. We both stand there, calmly checking out the bulge in my pants.

I take my hands away and put them around her, lightly drawing her in- I notice that I’m slightly rocking side to side and making her do the same. She has a faraway look in her eyes, and is staring through my chest. She’s very quiet. I ask her what she’s thinking about. She says she’s been going out since she turned 18 and that she’s never been so turned on before.. She asks me if I’m always so aggressive. I tell her yes. She tells me she’s never met someone like me before. I tell her what a shame.

She’s mine.

I trace my fingers over her tummy and outline her jeans over her hips. I pull her head against me and bury her face in my neck. I start to tell her things I’m going to do to her.

I tell her I’m leaving with her right then but she says she needs to spend an hour with her friend who she hasn’t seen in a while- she tells me to give her 45 minutes and then to come back to her.

I leave and see a hottie latina with a friend. I chat them up and find out the friend is actually her cousin who’s visiting. Her cousin is very into my humor. She’s laughing at everything I say, busting up seriously hard. I start teasing the hottie and her cousin’s just laughing at her. It makes her seek rapport with me which I don’t let happen at first. Anyways she stands up, and I do the same, pulling her in to dance with her to the music. I do some spin maneuvers and pull her in to dance closer. She keeps taking my hand off her butt. I continue to put it back. I didn’t really realize I was doing it until she’d go to move it. Anyways after a while she just lets me do it. The song ends, I vibe a bit more and go to find my prey again.

She’s talking to her friend and I come up behind her, framing her little body with my own and softly pulling her in. She falls against me and instantly enters a sexual state. She talks more about me being aggressive, yada yada. She tells me she saw me dancing with the latina girl and that she thought “oh damn!” Then she turns around and tries to break her state. She tells me she thinks I might be a player. I just kinda stand there not caring. She tells me guys like her ‘cuz she’s small and they just want to see her bounce up and down on their dick. She tells me she hopes I’m not like that too. I look at her calmly.. and then kinda fade into a slow grin. “Well actually now that you mention it.. big smile.. that sounds kinda good.” She laughs real big and leans into me. Test passed

I take off again, vibin’ with some bitches yada yada.

I come back and do the same physical stuff- this time grabbing her under her arms and lifting her into the air. She wraps her legs around me as I set her back down. I lift her back up and set her down on the bar. She laughs but is slightly shy, saying she doesn’t want to be made a spectacle of. I take her off and hold her against me. She tells me something like “You know you can wait.. it’s better when you get to know someone.

I tell her “Of course.. and that’ll come later. But all this time I’ve been examining your little body.. your hips, your frame, your thighs.. I’ve got this picture of how you’ll look and feel when I’m having you.. and I want to see if I’m right or not.

She gets very hot and bothered, her breathing getting a little heavy as she’s leaning into me.

I pick her up and put her over my shoulder, carrying her into little alcove of the bar, getting on my knees in front of her and biting her tummy. She likes. I noticed that the latina girl saw me walk through the bar with the girl on my shoulder.

I go find the latina girl again with her cousin. They’re kickin’ it on some couches and I vibe with them for a bit. I make jokes to her cousin about “grabbing the bitch by her nappy ass roots” and making her do as I say. The cousin is laughing so hard she can barely sit right. Anyways this just makes HB into me even more and she starts chasing me for attention. I go to get her number and she starts being difficult. Really difficult. She told me she wouldn’t give me her number like 5 or 6 times. I kept insisting on it. I was so relaxed, but insistent at the same time, so she finally gives it up after a while.

Anyways the bar closes and my pull for the night’s friend pulls the fucking cockblock from hell. Apparently this friend had arranged a job interview for this girl at Victoria’s Secret the next day and so when this girl expressed heavy disapproval of what was about to happen, the girl took it ultra-seriously. Anyways we’re trying to arrange logistics- which was gay because they’d been arranged earlier- and oh gee whiz she wasn’t going to be able to come over tonight. Her friend goes to get the car and I pick her up over my shoulder, carry her around the building and throw her into a doorway of some shop.

I lightly push her head away and lift up her leg, biting into her neck as I put my hand firmly up between her legs. Her breathing gets extremely loud and hoarse and she sounds like she’s coming or something. With a little voice she says “Oh Jonathan you’re so aggressive..” Uh, yeah..

Anyways the car comes and she takes off.

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We talk the next day and she’s excited to hear from me. Then she calls back a few hours later saying she’d talked to this ex-boyfriend of hers who she’d been trying to work things out with. She tells me she’s not sure if it’s a good idea to hang out with me ‘cuz “she knows what I’m about..” I grow bored and tell her whatever- hanging up the phone with her shortly thereafter. I think she’d transferred her sexual state to some dude she felt more sexually comfortable with. Dummy. Good luck with the chode

I call up the latina at some point that day and I run some damn good phone game on her- I should have taped it.

Her name is Dorrian, I tell her that’s a really cute name, that usually I don’t like a girl’s name and that I end up finding a new name for her- but that in this case I’ll let her keep her name. She tells me people call her Dorr. I make up a quick little roleplay about me watching tv and her trying to get my attention. I tell her she makes a better “dorr” than a window, har har. But she loves it. I tell her where I’m from there’s a lot of bunnies running around and that these lizards are fuckin’ weird to me. I tell her it would make me more comfortable being here if she could stuff her face full of lettuce and hop around for me. She loves that too and I tell her I’ll give her a call later.

Guess what she does for a living.. she’s a manager for the hotel convention center. Yes that’s right gentlemen, I’m pretty sure she manages the location we had our little convention at

I start the text game.

The Man: How ‘bout I call you Dor..k
Dorkbutt: That sounds like a plan 
Do you have epcot hook-ups manager girl
No i don’t sorry
Ok. ‘Cuz if we go yer gonna be my Disneyland date but I wanted to see if you could hook it up. Like Captain Hook.
Oh really.. when were you planning on going…?
Maybe tomorrow. Or not. We could just go see harry Potter I haven’t seen it. I just can’t let you sit too close to me though ‘cuz I can’t see thru yer hair. (She has a thick head of hair that I teased her about.)
Lol very funny… I actually work tomorrow… and you know I have never seen any of the harry potter movies…
Well baby cabbage-head this will be your first. What time you work tomorrow
I work from 8 to 530pm… cabbage head…lol
You work a lot. You should make more time for adventures Ms. Foxy Cleopatra
Yes i do work a lot…lol…so now im cleo your too funny
I like baby cabbage-head better I think
Well i don’t know about that…lol
So did you and your boys go out tonight?

We’re doin’ it right now. Obviously you could tell we just liked going out together (Us guys had a really good vibe going together- all the girls in the bar were watching us at some point checking out the art hanging up on the walls making fun of it.)
Are you guys back down town?
Yuh we’re headed there now. What about you roller girl
Heading back home soon…I need to catch up on my sleep.
You know actually I definitely could have seen myself hanging with you tonight- but us boys make plans
Thank you that was very sweet of you to say… have fun with your boys tonight.

(Next night)
Ok I think I should punish you now
Punish me for what?
For being nice to you last night. Or you can make my dinner tonight- you can cook right
Yes i can cook but their will be no dinner tonight… lol just had dinner.
Dessert maybe.. you did look pretty cute to eat
Well dessert does sound good just debating if i want ice cream or whip cream with it…
Hmm. I like both. A little warm- a little cold. Just has to be the right spots
So now we are talking about spots… yours or mine?
Yours. Your forearms, the dimples of yer tummy, the back of your neck. But if you wanted to be nurse I’d let you play for a bit
Well i think i can pick up a nurse outfit… as long as you dont mind sponge baths
‘Course not. Just be careful with my scar.. We’re going over to my buddy’s place at Lakeside Reserve. How close are you. I want to show you my pet rock collection.
I actually don’t know where that is… ill be gentle with the scar… so how big is your rock collection? (She made the jump to more sexual explicitness- haha. I kept the sexting super light, double entendre and child’s games ‘cuz it’s very very easy to scare a girl off that way.)
You don’t have to be gentle with anything else. It’s big and quite nice to look at. And likes to play
Does it bite if I pet it?
I wouldn’t call it biting.. you’ll feel him though. I don’t bite either- just some choice nibbling.
I can do a nibbling…but a little biting wont hurt…
Sweetheart you’re right. Some biting is in order. I’ll be sure to numb it with some ice first, and then afterwards. But no matter what yer fun and I finally have some time to spend with you. I’ll tell the boys to leave me alone
Some Ice is in order since this conversation is getting a bit hot! However im enjoying the conversation so keep it coming.
I’ll definitely keep you coming- if you promise to do the same. I’ll come over later- maybe things will get heavy. Maybe not. We’ll see (It’s important to note that her getting naughty over text messaging is not the same thing as her getting naughty in person. I had to make sure she knew I knew the difference. I did this with push/pull qualification.)
The question is can you keep up…?
Yes babybutter- I know what to do
(At this point I called her up.. I figured it’d be a good idea to anchor with some phone conversation- I tell her to text me her address)
Ok… so this is my address… 1$*(#% westwood blvd. Orlando 32821 are you really serious about coming over?
Yes sweetie. And it’ll be fun with your cousin- until we kick her out
Sorry sweetie she is going no where.
Of course not- what did you think I meant (I figure I’m getting into something I don’t want to- I retreat)
Just so you know we are in our pjs so don’t get dressed up on our account
Haha- how cute
So are you on your way?
Soon. Patience g-luv special sauce

Alright babybutt I’m on my way. Any requests
No requests here…for now.

So I arrive and she comes outside to get me.. I’m leaning against my car as she walks towards me. I continue to lean, just letting her come near her while I watch her. I might as well put some social pressure on her- sets a good frame. She looks cute as hell- I tell her this with my eyes- I stand there and give her a quick little evaluation- she communicates with her eyes that she sees me do it.

We go into her dark house and there’s a big fucking dog in the living room. She leads me to her room. Her fucking cousin is sitting up in her bed with the covers over her. They’re sleeping in the same bed while she’s visiting. These logistics are terrible.

But I’m Johnny. And I’m here to have sex.

The dog starts barking in the living room.. and her cousin slightly perturbed asks why. I say nonchalantly, kinda off-hand “ ‘cuz. I’m so fuckin’ sexy!” She busts up. I molest latina a little bit as she comes into the room. As she’s wrestling with me she yelps to her cousin, “See..? I told you he was going to grab my ass!” Interesting.. I hadn’t gotten sexual with her at all at the bar.. I’d communicated it some other way.

Anyways they’re both hungry and so we go to McDonalds to get food- I grab latina’s leg over the knee while we’re driving. Camel bite- girls go into hysterics when you do this. Very dominant.

I don’t pay for her or the cousin- I don’t even bring it up. I give the guy a hard time about making my triple cheeseburger- he says they don’t make triple cheeseburgers. I say of course you do.. you just put an extra piece of meat and cheese on a double. In no way was I being petulant or bossy. I’m completely relaxed- just calmly insistent. Latina is trying to shush me, but I can tell she just loves that I’m doing this. We get back to the apartment and she keeps going on to her cousin how difficult I was being. This is a very important point. It established that I was dominant in social conditions. I knew what I wanted and I very casually demanded it.

Anyways she tells me she wants to watch a movie- I tell her to show me her movies so I can pick one. I do some kind of role-playing with her movies I forget- but they were entertained.

Anyways we pop in the movie and I grab her, throw her on the bed and climb over her to get to where I want to lay. I pull her into me and fold her up against my chest. She asks me how she’s supposed to watch the movie like that, I tell her I don’t know.

So I continue to hold her (down) while casually running my hands over parts of her body. She is my girlie. Of course I’m supposed to be touching her. She might not be used to this at first- but I’m not thinking about this. I’m just enjoying her body.

I’m pressing my hands down over her, sliding them down over her waist and her thighs. She shows me her tattoo low on her left hip, I immediately go to lower her pj bottoms even more, getting a quick look at her recent shaveness before she gives a low yelp and pulls them back up. I put my hand up her shirt and start playing with her nipples.

Anyways her cousin had been very talkative for a while. And she was excited to be watching the movie we picked. But when she realized what was going on she rolled over on her side and went to sleep. Good girl.

Latina pulls a blanket over her- this is my cue to go down her panties. I play with her down there but she’s not getting excited? What in the hell.. she’s one of those

Anyways I start to undo my pants. Her eyes widen and she says “No no!!” I take him out anyways. She continues to say no.. and then grabs him. It’s like she couldn’t even help it. There was a fuckin’ magnet in her hand.

She starts to move and I kinda help her into a new position where she’s over me and slightly lowered, her head over my chest. She’s obviously cued to go down on me but won’t do it of her own accord. I push her head down there. She kinda fights it. I continue to push. At this point this is not good game. But it’s obvious she wants to- she just needs to be coerced. You just gotta realize that a girl will want to- she just has to be in the situation long enough for her to be comfortable with it.

She finally does some light tongue-playing. I know you guys don’t want so many details- but there’s still game going on here. She looks up at me afterwards to see how I take it. I don’t give her too much, I let her know I liked it and that I don’t think she’s a ho or something. She does it again. I continue to push her head down, haha. She finally starts going at it.

She gets up and I sit on the edge of the bed while she leans down to keep doing it. I grab her by the shoulder and force her to her knees. Haha. She looks up when I do this.. I just look at her calmly. She keeps doin’ what she was doin’. I blast all over, giving her a facial before she runs away. She looked beautiful that way

Anyways there’s some after-game but I’m just gonna post this part of it up for now

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