Another Post on Eye Contact (one of the more important one you’ll read)

By Manwhore
April 2, 2012

I remember one time on bootcamp having to have a little infield “meeting” with the students because a few things just weren’t clicking for them and it was frustrating as hell to watch. I pulled them together in a tight circle right on Las Vegas Boulevard and channeled a bit of my former military style of training. “Look fellas, we’re here to meet women.. while being men. We are men. We are not bashful, we are not ashamed, we are not scared of girls. You need to LOOK A GIRL IN HER EYES, and not for a second flinch away or avert your gaze. You are a man. It is your job to soak into yourself her feminine energy, to NOT be afraid of it, to not look away or avert your gaze as you walk up and open her. You need to walk up, gaze into her eyes, pause, and look INTO her.”

A man’s role is to be unabated, unflinching in the face of ANYTHING. That includes any kind of bad emotions or drama a girl is experiencing that she inadvertently or accidentally projects onto you as you walk up to her. So if you walk up and she is SCARED, you just stand there and soak it in calmly and without hesitation. She is just being a girlie you cannot blame her. If she’s been having a bad day and been hit up by 17 creepers and you happen to come in right after and she can’t help but be a little put off and sour, don’t worry about it. You are not there to be tossed around by emotions and drama, you are simply there to absorb her and show her you’re strong and there for her in that moment.

When you approach a girl you must have LASER focus on her eyes. This is not an intimidation factor, this is not you trying to be Mr. Seduction Man, this is simply you presenting yourself as a focused and unflinching individual. If you watch tv at all you will notice all the actors are trained to speak while looking directly into each other’s eyes. This isn’t quite as common in the real world because people are constantly living in a state of low-level tension and fear, and projecting fear of negative outcomes, but this cannot be you. You got into this game to get women, and you need to understand that to achieve this, you must be unflinching and powerful, which means no room for bullshit low-level fear.

So start training yourself to look into peoples’ eyes and not look away even for a MICRO-SECOND initially. When you walk up to a girl and say hi or excuse me or hey I need a female opinion on something (lol), you gaze at her and soak in EVERYTHING. You must be strength and serenity. By the way, if you walk up to a girl with full, calm and collected eye contact and say “Hey who lies more, men or women..” she will give you her opinion without hesitation. Because she is not responding to the tv show or the pickup style opinion opener.. no, she’s responding to the POWERFUL man in front of her. And did I mention this is extremely seductive? The calmness and strength you project through simple eye contact is an automatic attraction builder!

Along the same lines, there are lots of Indian and Asian men who complain about white women not liking them and the odds being stacked against them. This is dogshit. The REASON why they can’t get white women to respond favorably to them is because they can’t even make eye contact with them. They’re scared, and are projecting a negative outcome onto the situation, and this is manifesting itself by their NOT MAKING EYE CONTACT. Communicate as a strong and steadfast man and you will be treated as such.

If you want to take this to the next level then start looking in people’s eyes while speaking to them. This is a bit more difficult but like anything else it’s something you get better at with practice.

By the way here’s an interesting quote from now old and grizzled former playboy George Hamilton:

“A world-class playboy once told me that the key to mesmerizing women is to listen to them and look deeply into their eyes. It was a lesson I’ve never forgotten. . . . My father also had advice for me. It was always important, he told me, to be a ladies’ man and a man’s man.”

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