Laid.. “Want to have a threesome?” Approach Nets Hot SDSU College Blondie

By Manwhore
December 30, 2011

This is an example of extreme “in your face” directly sexual game working out really well. As you can see it’s polarizing, not every girl will want it, but some definitely will and you’ve lost nothing by being a ballsy son of a bitch. Women respect it even if they’re not shopping for it that particular night.

So stop reading Cosmopolitan magazine for how to pick up girls, they’re giving you the wrong information on purpose. Girls don’t want to TELL YOU what to do.. that is so not attractive to them.

The key is to remove purposeless physicalness, stand poised, and demonstrate unapologetic intent. My buddy says it looks like I’m whispering NLP in a girl’s ear when I am doing this. Not at all. I’m not “tricking” her with some verbal facade, I’m speaking straight masculine nerve right into her ear. Just the sheer novelty of it is enough to titillate women. But add in an unrelenting gaze, a steady hard, smooth voice talking right into her soul, and the sheer sensuality of being able to experience herself get reflected back at her in the decadent cadence of a man under a spell, and no woman’s going to say no.


Saturday night. Called up a fb and arranged to hit it that night before I went to the club. This would be 4 girlies that week, 2 first dates, 1 snl and a sniper attack on a girl I see every so often.

What ended up happening is we get to the club to beat the line, she drives me back to her place, I slam her, take a shower.. and realize I’ve probably washed the stamp off. Go me. I get back and act real matter of fact about it, joke with the bouncer dude about fucking BEFORE the club, thereby bringing him into my reality and so get in.

I wasn’t feeling particularly “hormonal” about being there. I’d just gotten laid. It was time to act thru purpose and intent, “right action” as Tyler describes in the Blueprint.

I spot a total little hottie with a glow in the dark pink cup. She’s looking oh so cute and vulnerable.

I come up on her, happily glaring at her. I ask her why she’s got a pink cup. She laughs. She’s already hooked.

I want ur cup give it me.

I’ve done this before. Substitute something they’re holding or have, for their little bodies. They know it unconsciously that when I say “give it to me” I’m talking about their hot body.. they act all coy at first and then shyly hand over the object in surrender. Hot just doesn’t seem to describe this well enough.

She gives me the look. She is mine for the taking. I pull her in, run my hands all over her. She gushes. I tell her she’s Brazilian and she gushes how did you know! Like I’ve just given her a puppy for Christmas.

I caress her body all over. I grab her, lift her up by her waist and peer at her body. I turn her around and tell her it’s so I can look at her bottom.

She loves being manhandled for my viewing pleasure. She acts a little coy ‘cuz her friends are around, tells me to keep it a bit more subtle. I comply by sliding my hand up between her legs where her friends can’t see.

Anyways I ask her if she’s got any plans after the club. She invites me to an after-party. Alas I get a disturbing text message later on from a buddy and don’t make it. Some bullshit with Saad and Rsdnation. Thx, buddy.

I take off and spot a cute Gina Gershom type girl. Definitely Italian. I fold her into my embrace and start asking her pointed questions. Her friend comes over all excited. Points at me happily, “glaring” at me that she’s “watching me”. I should have switched to her ‘cuz she was hella excited. I didn’t.

Funny thing.. the girl didn’t like me. But she couldn’t get away from me. She just stood there pulled in against me, compliant because I was a dominant cool guy. She didn’t want to commit any perceived social violations, but she just wasn’t feeling attraction. I wanted to see how far I could go with this.

Some dude shows up, tries to hold her hand. I’ve let her go for a bit. I grab her and pull her back in. I honestly do this for the sheer assholeness. He was a weak bugger with weak intentions and I just didn’t like his type trying to claim such a cutie. I let her go for a bit and he tries to put his arm around her. I grab her and tell her I think he’s creepy and what the fuck is he touching her for, lol. She gets uncomfortable with him and he slinks off.

Funny thing is.. I’m just some dude. No one knows me I’ve just showed up all of a sudden.

Anyways I let her go again, she starts talking to a friend. I walk over and grab her again, her chubster friend tells me I’m not allowed to touch her. I just look at her and pointedly start addressing her. I put my arm back around girlie and she doesn’t say anything again.

I get bored and take off. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Two cuties walk by me and I softly grab them. I don’t move forward at all. I stand and direct them with my arms out. I’m the center of rotation.

First one is almost immediately enraptured with the way I’m holding her. I look into her eyes, display intent. She feels it.

Her friend is very close but kind of standoffish. I grab her pull her in, she’s happy as she looks to her friend who’s not as happy anymore lol. I tell’em what I’m thinking..

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We should have a threesome

The first girl is definitely down for it, but the second girl’s expression kinda falters but. I use it as an opportunity to screen her out. I slightly push her away and focus back on her friend, ignoring her. This was pretty slick, I set up a threesome as the expectation then screened out the potential cockblock when she failed my test, 😉

Night ends.

Anyways I send this girl texts back and forth. It ends up being over a week later ‘cuz I fuckin’ forgot. I remember I pretty slickly handled the “Who’s this” text but I can’t quite remember how. She tries to shit test me on asking random girls for threesomes. I handle that, and she admits it actually turned her on.

I go over to her place a couple weeks later. Her roommate comes to the door in her towel to let her in. Fuck. Another friend shows up.. this is getting interesting. I tell her to jump in the shower so we can have a threesome with Lauren when she gets out. Lauren giggles but first girl doesn’t want it. Too bad.

I pretty much ignore the fuck out of her. Not rude, just chilling with her roommate and friend. I think she starts to wonder if I’m actually interested in her. So I take her into her room and lay her back against her bed. She tells me I have a look on my face like I think I’m too good for her. Gawd I’m really glad she told me that. I just reassure her. Then started kissing her tummy, slip my hand down the front of her panties and start touching her softly down there. She looks at me incredulously at first, until she realizes it has no effect on me whatsoever.

Anyways we’re goin alright. Barely any kissing as I feel it triggers ASD and I don’t like kissing a girl unless I totally dig’em.. she takes her top off I start taking her britches off.. she outright panics and says it feels weird she cant do it. So I’m like.. hey that’s totally ok..

I lay back on the bed with her. Cuddling, just chilling with her.

I need to get these jeans off her.

I tell her, Hey. I don’t like laying with you with your jeans on, they’re so uncomfortable brushing against me. I tell her to change into panties so it’s more comfy. I really was uncomfortable with her jeans on. Gawdamit! ; ) She changes into panties in front of me. She has a super cute lil vagina.

Obviously with just panties on she has no chance against me. I bang the fuck out of her.

J/k.. I’m trying to sound like an asshole on purpose. Seriously tho this was just what she was looking for. Now she could say it just “happened”. The potential for her to be at fault for sex occurring was removed once her jeans came off for another reason.

She has a totally hot booty so I turn her around and bend her over her bed. I rail her from behind.

I lay with her for a bit more, ask her stuff about her life, give her a lot of advice about issues she’s got going on. She is real happy with my guidance and lays back against me contentedly.

Anyways we start getting dressed and I spot that hot ass again. I tell her to bend over so I can take pictures of her bottom. She starts giving me that fake attitude again.

Oh my GAWD you are so weird! (As she gets on all fours on her bed) Why are you being so creepy? (As she sticks out her ass for me) I take my pictures, put her on her back and take a pic of her in her panties.

Plausible deniability. She gave “resistance” so she’s ok.

I come out of the room and start talking to her roommate, who’s put on headphones. She’s totally happy to talk to me, likes me even more since I’ve banged her roomie.

I leave.

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