I’m speaking at the Direct Dating Summit this weekend!

By Manwhore
March 21, 2012

Hey fellas (and girls!), I just wanted to let you know I’ll be speaking at Sasha Daygame’s Direct Dating Summit this weekend here in Las Vegas. For more information go to http://directdatingsummit.com

If you’re not familiar with Sasha take a look at him here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddjZf7Nqbo0

He’s become a big force in the dating/seduction scene with his incredible daygame skills and insane ability to turn his students into successful daygame practitioners.

I’ll be speaking on Sunday the 18th as the first speaker, and will be covering physical/sexual escalation as well as how to have the cold steel inner game of a man who takes women on an adventure and does not let them go until they’re quivering little masses of delicious jello. I am also excited about being able to see Badboy speak as well as Alan Roger Curie. I have a lot of respect for Bravo PUA and my friend Johnny Soporno as well, who will both be speaking.

Anyways, if you decide to go, hit me up and I will get you a discount. I promise you my talk alone will be worth showing up for. I sweat blood and take years off my life making sure my content is solid and transformational.


Anyways I also figured I’d use this as an opportunity to speak a bit on my experiences with Sasha Daygame. This is not an attempt to sell Sasha Daygame bootcamps. This is just my objective review of Sasha’s infield coaching/training program.

I recently got invited to attend Sasha Daygame’s infield training program as a guest instructor. He’s a buddy of mine and I was happy to do it. I added some nightgame training, a highly detailed physical escalation demonstration with a female assistant, and a vocal/storytelling training segment for the clients as well as constant feedback thru all portions of training.

I owe it to Sasha to convey the power and transformation I experienced and saw while being on program. So without giving away his secrets or methods I will attempt to do so.

Sasha runs his programs with the discipline and precision Ive only seen from one other coach, Tyler of Real Social Dynamics. He also develops great rapport with his students which allow them to tackle this journey together. And tho Sasha comes across as very funny and endearing in his videos, he is no pussy. He runs training with an eagle eye and does not stand for weakness.

My previous results with daygame had been decent but inconsistent. I’d never actually become a “practitioner” or developed that particular skillset. I would just go out from time to time during the day and meet girls, getting #s and lays. Hanging out with Sasha I migrated over a massive skillset straight into daygame without a second thought. Done.

As a person Sasha is a seriously fun dude.. but he’s also loyal and values the same quality in others. The dating community, just like many other industries, is full of pros that backstab each other and talk major shit at the slightest provocation. Yes Sasha and I have had conflict, but it was more funny than anything else, and any arguments/discussions we had only brought us a little bit closer together.

He’s also incredibly inspirational as a wing. He brings out the best in me which is so valuable to find in a friend and a wing.

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