Details on Infiltration of my Training Program by Legal and Medical Shills

Fake Students:

I’ve had two old students reenter my training program, act completely out of character, then disappear. One tried to subtly accuse me of racism, misinterpreted an old training concept as being coercive, which is the opposite of what it’s actually about. Another tried to act like he was a sex worker. He was living in SDNY’s legal domain, there’s been more than one attempt by SDNY to employ entrapment ploys. The first one was by a stem cell scientist out of Manhattan.

Medical professionals that were fake students:
1) I had a stem cell scientist from Manhattan, shortly after I published my work, come into my training program pretending to be a student then acting like a complete infant. He was layign the story that even professionals are easily manipulated and swayed out of ignorance. It was idiotic and completely obvious. He tried to coerce me into getting him to act unethically at work, and wouldn’t answer my questions when I tried to get more details. He tried to embed bizarre and stupid stories about his frat days. He was clearly trying to embed false stories about male-centric institutions. He tried to tell me that I was making him act crazy. I told him that was ridiculous.

All this is documented.

This stem cell scientist’s entire spiel was to slander me and then slander my work through proxy. My work in blew the cover on the stem cell industry, which is actually being used as a cover for the much larger abortion industry.

2) I had another medical professional from outside Seattle try to embed homosexuality into the training program, out of the blue. I told him it wasn’t allowed in the program, and that if he insisted on homosexual activity he was to notify any women he was being intimate with as this was placing them at much greater medical risk.

My Phone and Gmail Got Hacked:
My Gmail account kept getting repeatedly scrubbed of my SMS Backup App api key, so my texts would no longer be automatically synced to my Gmail account as soon as I received them or sent them out. This enabled hackers to change/edit my text conversations on my phone. This was one of the worst and most disheartening of the attempts to ruin me and my business.

These text conversations were edited:

Ric James
Mexican landlord

My date and time settings would get changed when my phone was in my hand so as to obscure legal legibility of text conversations. My phone’s attempted to download a security update from 2018 multiple times.

Social Media Hackings:
My Facebook account’s been tampered with. At least one messenger conversation was edited. Images I’d uploaded were tampered with. My articles on were blatantly shadowbanned.

Facebook has attempted to go through old private group conversations and be the ethics police. We did plenty of trolling in private groups. However one image they’ve attempted to say I uploaded I did not! This one had zero details on where it was uploaded to, the date, etc. And that’s the whole gimmick, they’ve attempted to take my typicaly trollings, and here ‘n there embed really bad content. The image was foul and disgusting, completely out of character.

To be continued..

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