Chinese Hacking of Medicine & Academia Has Resulted in Medical Hoaxes That Grossly Exaggerate Bio-Engineering Skills Of China & Allies in Ongoing Efforts to Sabotage U.S. & World Economy

By The Wizard Mandragora
August 2, 2020

Over a millennium ago Neo-Confucianism was promoted in China as a means of quelling and controlling the intellectual industrial pursuits of the Chinese population. Chinese scholars and government workers were awarded service positions based on their adherence to socialist constructs of virtue and obedience. Science and medicine were replaced with mysticism and pseudoscience. “Traditional Chinese medicine” introduced a slew of magical remedies based on exotic animal body parts, spawning huge markets for medical treatments based on superstition and lore.

The result of this socialist recreation of science and culture was the destruction of any form of resistance to rule by minority. The populace were left to the machinations of communism, the perpetuation of a type of culture enmeshed in a fight to the death over the leftover scraps.

But upon introduction to Western Civilization and its religious adherence to the existence and guidance of “a single truth”, the miracles of the Industrial Revolution versus the perils and pitfalls of the forced cognitive and technological decline of China under Neo-Confucianism proved to be too much for the ruling Qing dynasty of China. China attempted to reform its medieval culture, adopt and adapt to the science and technology of the West, but its efforts were in vain.

“The Self-Strengthening Movement’s most successful project was its first, the establishment in 1861 of a foreign office to handle diplomacy. Foreign-language schools were established in 1862 in English and French, but enrollment was quite small because ambitious young men preferred to immerse themselves in preparation for the examination on Confucianism. Arsenals were established in 1865 in 1867, and a naval dockyard in 1866. Their products performed very poorly in wars against European powers, but did give the government superior firepower against peasant uprisings. A machine factory was established in 1870, and students were sent for advanced education to the United States starting in 1872. Coal mines were opened in 1877. The Beiyang Fleet was launched in 1888 to replace the fleet sunk by the French in 1884. The reforms were basically superficial and mostly limited to armaments and machinery. There was no attempt to exploit Western ideas or methods, and so it “barely scratched the surface of modernization, without achieving a breakthrough in industrialization.” Two major defeats in wars with France and Japan proved that China could not defend itself. The reforms were poorly organized, with little direction from the royal court, leaving it up to poorly equipped provincial authorities who competed with each other.

The decades-long Chinese infiltration of U.S. academic, medical and media institutions has begun this same process in America. The introduction of “traditional Chinese medicine”, Chinese socialist constructs such as the mass shaming of medical professionals, and the domination of U.S. and global medical supply chains by China has resulted in brazen public attacks on traditional tenets of American science and medicine. Social media groups on Facebook have spawned entire communities based on anti-science beliefs that have succeeded in reintroducing diseases already considered extinct from America. Math, physics, astronomy have all been attacked and undermined by a cacophony of divisive voices teaching ideas more akin to astrology and mysticism than science. No longer confined to the dark corners of the internet, leftist media enclaves such as the New York Times and Washington Post have launched numerous anti-science attacks against the President of the United States for his public endorsement of hydroxychloroquine, the decades-old drug treatment supported by hundreds of doctors and scientists worldwide as an effective treatment for COVID-19. Members of the DNC have gone so far as to accuse the President of murder in his public support of the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19.

The infiltration of Western medical enclaves is also brazenly evident. A recent medical study came out in the Lancet medical journal with results that claimed hydroxychloroquine was dangerous to COVID-19 patients. Yet upon closer inspection it was realized the results of the study were completely fraudulent. Patient data and results had been gleaned and harvested from an “Asian” database and crafted to fit a narrative publicly condemning hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for COVID-19.

Hydroxychloroquine Study Corrected After More Than 100 Scientists Question Findings

(Link to “Letter from 100 Doctors” questioning results of Lancet hydroxychloroquine study)

Yet when these shocking and corrupt efforts were exposed, the glaring facts of medical corruption and collusion with an “Asian” source were ignored in an attempt to paint the debacle as a human resources issue on the part of the Lancet medical journal. As if massive medical fraud and corruption with global, far-reaching consequences such as medical establishments halting major studies of hydroxycholoroquine could be dismissed under the dubious HR heading of “failing to snoop better”.

This medical scandal was not just a simple human resources error, it was blatant collusion with a foreign power to slander hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19.

But instead of acknowledging this, these media and medical enclaves have attempted to employ a sort of circular logic, using multiple levels of corrupt, biased “scientific studies” backed by assorted political and business interests to forcibly and publicly assert a picture of the danger of taking hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19. This is not just another socialist media attack on the POTUS, this is clear evidence of a coercive foreign influence attempting to directly affect the health and politics of the American people.

But there is a franticness to these attacks against hydroxychloroquine, a longstanding and desperate effort by the DNC and its media constituents to misrepresent the drug. Hydroxychloroquine is an “organochloride”, a type of bodily chemical essential to human life yet under constant politicized attack by Democrat politicians and law firms that make billions off environmental lawsuits. The truth is that if the inherent health benefits of organochlorides are once again revealed to the public:

1) Chinese business interests which control over 90% of America’s medical supply chains will not be able to sell their own treatments.

2) the Democratic Party’s entire “house of cards” outlawing of American industries based on the forced outlawing of organochlorides and collusion with China, will be revealed.

Over the last three decades collaborative efforts between American law firms, Democrat Party legislators, and Chinese military-industrial interests have used fictional Chinese studies, public letters of condemnation from Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), and the mass outcry following industrial accidents such as the American PEPCON disaster to force legislation through outlawing organochlorides as dangerous to the public. Senator Feinstein’s legislative efforts and the “scientific studies” sponsored by these foreign interests all directly refuted existing medical literature on the subject of chloride-based compounds, were even so bold as to completely contradict levels of chloride intake already deemed safe for human consumption by the United State government. But instead it was claimed these naturally occurring molecules were unnatural and dangerous chemicals that leaked out from American factories and poisoned children. These “legalist” efforts were successful in shutting down mining operations and ore refining factories across the United States, halted U.S. manufacturing of industrial rocket fuels and aerospace materials, and continued to keep the U.S. dependent on China for mineral resources, precious metals and rare earth elements.

And last but not least, the Southern District of New York collected BILLIONS in clean-up fees and environmental liability funds.

These efforts have resulted in billions in lost wages for American citizens while protecting Chinese monopolies on industrial manufacturing and rewarding the efforts of corrupt SDNY prosecutors.

And now these same corrupt powers are faced with their old nemesis in the form of hydroxychloroquine, an organochloride. The Democratic Party and China must vilify hydroxychloroquine in order to protect their military-industrial interests and attempts at domination of science and technology.

However, falsely labeling hydroxychloroquine as dangerous not only keeps American industries subservient to China, it also works to undermine the health and welfare of the American population. Chlorides are responsible for one of the most life-essential processes in the human body, the “Chloride Shift”.

Chloride ions cross the membrane of red blood cells in exchange for CO2 molecules, which the cell needs to get rid of as the byproduct of cellular respiration. Without chlorides in the body, we would die of asphyxiation, or “CO2 poisoning”.

Chlorides also serve a critical multi-faceted role in the immune system. In fact a chlorine deficiency will reduce the body’s ability to manage gastrointestinal functions such as the acid-base balance of the body which is essential for the breakdown of food particles, as well as reduce the body’s toxic excretions through sweat, kidney excretion, and intestinal expulsion.

All of these are highly highly important to maintaining health, especially during a COVID-19 infection. In fact a medical treatment that supports these normal bodily processes would be essential for treating a COVID-19 infection.

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Hydroxychloroquine is such a treatment. In fact it is the most mild form of chloride treatment in existence. One chlorine atom per molecule of hydroxychloroquine, one oxygen atom, and three nitrogen. For a drug that represents such intrinsic components of human chemical bodily processes, potential astringent side effects of a chlorine-based treatment could not be more mild. Yet the media and its political backers continuously rail against the drug, claim it poses a medical threat, have even attempted to draw parallels between hydroxychloroquine and alleged reports of dangerous side effects having to do with irregular heart palpitations, even death.

But the causes of any potential side effects having to do with the chemical composition of hydroxychloroquine are well understood. These rumors of the deadly side effects are completely fake news. In fact the entire medical discussion revolving around the supposed negative effects of hydroxychloroquine originated from a doctor with paid investiture in raising public awareness of “sudden cardiac death syndrome.”

Guidance on patients at risk of drug-induced sudden cardiac death from off-label COVID-19 treatments

It becomes clear very quickly that the entire case against hydroxychloroquine is fabricated. It’s just another example of the Democratic party and its Chinese allies having to create more lies to cover for their earlier lies. In fact this decades-long legalist setup against organochloride medical treatments is an insult to people’s intelligence, it’s the original “dihydrogen monoxide” parody executed in real life.

The Nature of the Virus
Along with corrupt medical attempts to vilify hydroxychloroquine there have also been recent large-scale efforts to erase and hide evidence of the basic nature of COVID-19. Hard evidence of the nature of the virus and solid clues as to its virulence and methods of disrupting normal lung function have been scrubbed from the internet.

Instead there has been a recent proliferation of dazzling and colorful images of the virus reproduced by “electron microscopes” that obfuscate the scale, growth and spread of the condition. Some sources are honest in mentioning the artificial nature of these alleged images of the virus, yet other mainstream media sources leave out this important information.

The main danger of the virus is that when it’s allowed to spread it creates small blockages that accumulate and build up and hinder normal function in the lungs. The body’s natural inflammatory immune response can also work to worsen the condition by further blocking normal lung function through secretion of extracellular fluids designed to help the body deal with the infection that actually exacerbate the condition.

Here’s a link detailing the function and form of the lungs, the effects of the immune system, the proper role of fluids in the lungs, and improper causes of fluid buildup in the lungs that disrupts normal healthy function and leads to scarring and injury of the lungs:

These disruptions of normal lung function have been understood for decades but this has been ignored and replaced with medical jargon that muddles the picture of the infection. They go further and attempt to use blanket generic terms and descriptions of this fake novel condition to create the possibility that the virus has newfound abilities to infect and disrupt other organs and bodily systems. This “shiny/new” remaking of medical science confuses patients and boosts the public’s perception of the need for their medical prowess. In other words it’s a medical “protection racket“.

They have also attempted to exaggerate the nature of the virus’ ability to spread. There have been recent videos published and dispersed through mainstream media featuring publicly-funded studies that attempt to completely skew the public’s understanding of the spread of germs and viruses.  In one such video a kindergarten teacher uses glow-in-the-dark ink to stain her hands before greeting a handful of students with a handshake upon the start of class. At the end of class a black light is used to inspect the spread of the ink. Of course by the end of the day the ink is everywhere; and through this a massively exaggerated and completely fabricated picture of the potential spread of the virus is propagated. In reality the molar concentration of the ink tracer chemical placed on the teacher’s hands is magnitudes of order larger than the possible spread of viral particles on people’s hands infected with COVID-19. These pseudoscientific videos completely violate the laws of physics and toss out logical “magnitudes of scale” to propagate an imaginary MASSIVE spread of germs that is completely unrealistic in the real world.

Effective & Ineffective Measures
This infiltration and hijacking of American medicine with pseudoscience and medical protection rackets has led to other absurd “in your face” denials of common sense practices.

The sun continues to be the most effective treatment for any respiratory infection. Sunlight triggers vitamin D production in the skin, which, along with a slew of other healthy effects, is one of the most potent stimulators of the body’s immune system. Sunlight also triggers the burning of fat in the body, and the lungs account for much of the body’s removal of this fat in the form of CO2 exhalation. Fat located around the lungs can also serve to limit and hinder adequate lung function so this process of fat burning is essential to proper respiratory function.

Sunlight is good for you. The sinuses are located superficially underneath the skin of the face closest to the sun for a reason. The sun’s warmth is essential for healthy sinus function, disinfecting and clearing the airways while also increasing the temperature of the air breathed in which allows for more efficient uptake of oxygen to the red blood cells passing through the lungs.

Melanin serves to block the effects of sunlight on the body. It’s a biological protection mechanism for those countries and world regions more exposed to the harsh effects of the sun.  The solution is those with darker skin need even more sun to trigger proper vitamin D production and fat burning.

It should become clearly obvious that wearing a mask to protect oneself from COVID-19, especially outside, is completely counterintuitive to medicinal biology. Wearing a mask will put a heavier load on the immune system and decrease the efficiency of oxygen intake.

The Democrats and their media constituents claim to be the party of science and progression, touting the theory of evolution in purported place of Creationism, yet imply in roundabout fashion that after eons of human existence the natural environment has somehow evolved at warp speed to warrant an extra flap of protection over the face to protect against microscopic invaders, of which only they have the knowledge and wisdom to protect the population against. This is absurd, cartoonish.

The real goal of the DNC and its media constituents is to attempt to turn mask wearing into widespread socialist conquest, providing the fodder and fuel for a racial division based on the media’s portrayal of Americans not wearing masks as betraying and harming those who are more susceptible to COVID-19, such as Black Americans. This is a despicable attempt at creating division and civil unrest in the United States.

Chinese influence on the NBA already resulted in the suspension of the NBA season for the year, this “mask shaming” further divides the U.S. and provides another slap in the face to American civility and the solidarity of black and white Americans.

Boosting Lethality Rate
Another example of the detrimental effects of the infiltration and corruption of U.S. medicine is the artificial boosting of the lethality rate of COVID-19 through the harvesting of patient deaths associated with nursing homes, ventilators and those with underlying health conditions that make them much more susceptible to the harmful effects of a respiratory infection.

There has already been plenty of attention directed at the policies of NY, NJ, Michigan and other states across the U.S. that led to tens of thousands of elderly patients diagnosed with COVID-19 being sent to and confined together in nursing homes. The effects of such an arrangement clearly had a large effect on the mortality rate associated with these vulnerable patients.

Not as much attention has been directed towards the mortality rate of patients who were on ventilator support. At one point 88% of “COVID-19 deaths” in NY were associated with patients on ventilators (CORRECTION 10-5-20: 88% of patients on ventilators had died according to one NY-based study). But assisted-breathing devices such as ventilators are designed to aid patients undergoing the effects of general anaesthesia during surgery. Meaning they are paralyzed and cannot breathe on their own. Otherwise a ventilator does not provide adequate means of oxgyen transfer within the lungs. A ventilator is no treatment for COVID-19. The reflexive responses associated with the physiological movement of the diaphragm during breathing triggers proper lung function. Either these patients who succumbed to COVID-19 while on ventilators were already so frail as to need assisted-breathing support, or the prescribed use of ventilators served to make them even more susceptible to the slow asphyxiating effects of COVID-19.

“Underlying conditions” also serve as strong factors in COVID-19 patient mortality rates, in fact presumably account for the primary cause of death a large percentage of the time for these already sick and vulnerable patients. But instead these other health conditions are being used as fodder to spin new rumors as to the possible symptoms and effects of COVID-19.

But there’s another chilling hidden future danger associated with artificially inflating the lethality rate of COVID-19. Unscrupulous foreign business interests hope to create the conditions for dangerous new experimental drugs to sneak through America’s selection process by faking positive treatment results. With a virus that isn’t as lethal as reported/advertised, they can make claims their random drugs aided in the recovery process even though the patient would have recovered on their own. In fact some drugs could potentially cause harm even though the patient recovers from COVID-19, sneaking through the medical trial process without ever demonstrating positive results at all. Such is the case with Gilead’s Remdesivir.

Remdesivir & Exaggerated Bio-Engineering Skills
Remdesivir represents a treacherous infiltration of U.S. medicine by foreign influences. We only need to examine Remdesivir’s molecular makeup and structure to uncover the plot.

Here is the Remdesivir molecule:

If you look at it closely enough, you realize it resembles another molecule that is of crucial importance to human life. That molecule is ATP, which is the shortened form of “Adenosine Triphosphate”.

Here’s the ATP molecule:

“(ATP) is an organic compound that provides energy to drive many processes in living cells, e.g. muscle contraction, nerve impulse propagation, and chemical synthesis. Found in all forms of life, ATP is often referred to as the “molecular unit of currency” of intracellular energy transfer. When consumed in metabolic processes, it converts either to adenosine diphosphate (ADP) or to adenosine monophosphate (AMP). Other processes regenerate ATP so that the human body recycles its own body weight equivalent in ATP each day. It is also a precursor to DNA and RNA, and is used as a coenzyme.”

Here is more information on ATP:

Now suffice to say ATP is a very unique and powerful molecular compound. Its structural and chemical properties allow it to enable the transport of phosphates and carbenes that initiate the energy transfer processes crucial to cells in the human body. In fact ATP is so essential to the body that scientists conclude the human body produces and recycles its own body weight in ATP every day. ATP is also a precursor building block of DNA. For these reasons ATP has been copied and recreated in a myriad of drug treatment forms to combat a range of diseases and symptoms that include malaria, HIV/aids, and hepatitis B & C. In fact AZT, the medication Magic Johnson took to treat his HIV, is also a cleverly reconstructed adenosine analog.

There are several pharmacokinetic properties of ATP that serve its functions, but the most important is the attached triphosphate group. The phosphate group is what drives metabolic processes in the body and is involved in energy transfer and storage.

Now as mentioned, Remdesivir is a close copy of ATP, in fact contains every component of ATP, except at its most crucial component, the phosphate group, it plays a rather nasty trick. The Czech scientist that designed Remdesivir took the phosphate group, which is dropped off in cells during ATP’s breakdown into ADP and AMP, and attached a hydrocarbon benzene ring to it. The phosphate group in ATP is one of the most highly sought after molecules in the human body. It’s the biological currency of energy, the metabolic driver of the human body. Attaching a lone random benzene ring to the phosphate group is a very dangerous medical experiment.

What makes benzene rings dangerous is also what makes them so intrinsic to the modern age. The chemical properties of hydrocarbon benzene rings allow them to create endless chains of hydrocarbons which provide a consistent and predictable chemical reaction that can be manipulated and industrialized. This is the basis for their use in fuels and plastics, and the basis of the perils of their wrongful use.

The toxic and carcinogenic effects of benzene rings on the human body are well documented throughout history and medical literature. Their closed “aromatic” ring-like structure is too stable to be broken down naturally inside the human body. Instead they just sit and accumulate in body fat. They clog pores and tissues and create chronic autoimmune issues. They are the main “oily” chemical pollutants responsible for environmental pollution and cancer epidemics.

Gilead, the company that manufactures Remdesivir, claims the drug interferes with RNA replication in the virus, a rather lofty assertion, yet in actuality they only co-opted the pharmacokinetics of ATP before throwing in their own little potent addition.

In another clear example of counterfeit bio-engineering, the drug GS-441524 is simply a copy of ATP without the phosphate group. Yet according to its wikipedia page, GS-441524 “is an antiviral drug which was developed by Gilead Sciences.”

And herein lies the irony. They’re not good at bio-engineering at all, all they’ve done is copy a known organic chemical and then turned it into a crude weapon in the form of Remdesivir. Attaching a benzene ring to a known chemical compound is magnitudes of degrees easier than what they ascribe to being able to do with RNA interference. They simply “added oil”. A special kind of industrial-grade oil.

This was not true medical insight, or accidental. This was a clear and utterly shocking abuse of medicine. The danger is easily recognized and easily understood. That benzene ring attached to the phosphate group in Remdesivir will wreak havoc across multiple bodily systems.

Here are other published facts regarding Remdesivir:

* It’s not been successfully used to treat any disease.
* Studies of its effects on animals have not shown any improvements in their symptoms.
* It’s side effects are virulent, and match the symptoms of the dangerous conditions listed above, namely that, “studies of Remdesivir for COVID-19 include respiratory failure and blood biomarkers of organ impairment, including low albumin, low potassium, low count of red blood cells”, etc.
* In its one testing trial, the “end point” of the results was changed to reflect amount of patients that “recovered”, versus those that died. That’s not scientific at all. That’s actually incredibly stupid.
* It’s been slated for specific use on patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms. In other words any negative effects will have a greater chance of causing irreparable harm and death.

The Toxicology of Benzene Rings
There are ominous clues as to the true goals of those behind Remdesivir. The toxic effects of repeated exposure to hydrocarbon benzene rings on the body are well-documented going back hundreds of years. One of the first public acknowledgments of occupational hazards was 18th century British chimney sweeper’s exposure to “fused” benzene rings that would “react and bind to DNA, resulting in mutations and eventually cancer.”

Now hydrocarbon benzene rings do serve a role in the body, but are strictly limited and highly regulated as their effects on bodily systems are potent. In fact a quick perusal of their activity inside the body sheds even more insight into their intrinsically dangerous and carcinogenic nature. Bodily chemicals based on benzene rings are called phenols. Phenols require careful handling in the lab as they can cause chemical burns. Phenols work as natural preservatives in fruit. They’re also used in the creation of the body’s melanin, which as mentioned earlier resists the healthful effects of sunlight on vitamin D production in the body. The human body also has a protein receptor called the aryl hydrocarbon receptor which is a “transcription factor that regulates gene expression.” It has roles in “regulating immunity, stem cell maintenance, and cellular differentiation” and is involved in the development of many bodily systems. In fact giving Remdesivir to children would presumably have even more detrimental effects.

Tyrosine, a phenol and the main precursor of melanin, illustrates even more concretely the clear and present dangers of Remdesivir. In tyrosine, “phosphorylation of the hydroxyl group can change the activity of the target protein, or may form part of a signaling cascade via SH2 domain binding.”

So we can already see a clear example in nature of the effects of attaching a benzene ring to a phosphate group. Remdesivir is, quite simply, a great recipe for cancer.

Phenols in the body are also very specifically structured. Their total composition allows them to be tightly regulated by the bodily systems they participate in. Remedesivir just has a lone aromatic benzene ring sitting there attached to the phosphate group. No regulation, no specific point of breakdown or reuptake. Just a highly stable, hydrophobic aromatic benzene ring. If nothing else its accumulation will work as a physical hindrance to any bodily processes going on around it. The irony is this is rather similar to the effects of the spread of COVID-19 in the lungs. They’re attempting to prescribe the same biological malady as a cure.

Czech Interference
It was a Czech scientist that designed Remdesivir, but it was another Czech scientist that initially publicly touted the possibility of COVID-19 having been manufactured in a lab. She stated, “each virus and each of its RNAs has something called a “control room”, a control site that controls mutations in the rest of the RNA.”

So while one Czech scientist was exaggerating his bio-engineering skills by hijacking the known pharmacokinetics of ATP to create Remdesivir, another Czech scientist was painting a picture of a virus “control room”, exaggerating science’s understanding of cellular viral mutation to lay the groundwork for the claim that the virus was engineered in a lab.

These are clear examples of coercive foreign influence on the U.S. medical community.

The danger of hydrocarbon benzene ring poisoning is already documented in Russia. The official government diagnosis of a small Russian town’s strange sleep sicknesses were attributed to hydrocarbon poisoning. Carbon monoxide was also mentioned as a possible factor but carbon monoxide poisoning has more to do with a decrease of oxygen intake in the presence of carbon monoxide versus any actual direct adverse effects from its inhalation. CO also disperses relatively quickly in an open environment whereas previously described, hydrocarbon benzene rings are highly stable aromatic compounds that persist long after the environmental effects of CO dissipate.

Possible Foreign Motives for Hydrocarbon Poisoning
Recently the U.S. military decided to end reliance on Russian rockets to get U.S. astronauts to space. The U.S. Air Force is currently looking into developing its own heavy lift rocket to replace the RD-180. Could the Russians have painstakingly crafted a plan to taint the reputation of hydrocarbons in the U.S. so as to discourage the funding required for such a large technological push? Using a health scare to get entire industries shut down isn’t exactly new in America as previously demonstrated by Senator Diane Feinstein, China and the SDNY court system. Would the Russians enact some sort of “scorched earth” policy upon the scientific/technological landscape? To burn and hide the trail leading to further hydrocarbon technology would be like poisoning the ocean just to destroy a single ship. Russia and America have always competed extremely well together, in fact the biggest advances in science and technology over most of the last century can be attributed to this mutually continuous striving for excellence. But in America an anti-Russian climate has been successfully recreated in the spirit of the Neocons and Cold War enthusiasts, who may have managed to push Russia into believing a weakened America is good for Russia.

But what of the strange history of Remdesivir in connection with China? Apparently China has already acquired the means of producing the drug and began mass producing Remdesivir months ago. What exactly is the nature of this relationship? What is China’s plan for the drug?

One only has to examine other pharmacological exports from China to see the connection. China is the main source of an illegal and highly dangerous drug called fentanyl it smuggles into the United States through Mexico. Fentanyl is a highly potent and prolific killer of Americans. Fentanyl caused the death of Prince.

The chemical structure of fentanyl consists of a simple string of nitrogen and carbon atoms.. linked between two hydrocarbon benzene rings. Suffice to say China understands the toxicology of Remdesivir very well; it follows the same pharmocology as a substance they’ve been manufacturing for years.


And now apparently Gilead is coming out with an aerosol form of Remdesivir which will even more closely follow the symptoms of sleeping sickness, hysterics and hallucinations associated with the hydrocarbon poisoning documented in Russian towns.

The opioid Demerol, complicit in the death of Michael Jackson the King of pop, also contains a lone hydrocarbon benzene ring. In fact the psychoactive components of all opioids contain hydrocarbon benzene rings.

It seems the general aim of the makers of Remdesivir was not to counter the effects of COVID-19, but to introduce a new man-made narcotic as a medical treatment.

Is there any historical precedent for such medicinal treachery? There is actually, the Opium Wars fought between England and China were a result of the official attempt by the Chinese government to ban the English trade of opium within its borders. But this effort was militarily and brutally squashed by the English and the slow poisoning of the Chinese population continued.

It seems there’s a hidden message in the strange new relationship between China and England.

“We know where you live, we got to you once. We can do it again”

Chinese Hacking of Global COVID-19 Response
Much has been made recently of China’s control over the WHO (World Health Organization), their relationship with WHO Director-General Tedros, and their demonstrated ability to use the WHO as a mouthpiece to tout their own medical expertise.  They’ve even attempted to push the narrative of being a benefactor to countries hard-hit by the pandemic, which would seem contrary to logic given that China was the source of the virus in the first place, or that they hoarded billions of dollars worth of PPE and medical equipment before the pandemic then sent millions of faulty units to countries around the world.

China had so much initial control of the narrative they even used Western media sources to turn the virus into a social shaming mechanism, publicly admonishing the U.S. to look internally, as if the virus was a Biblical plague America was deserving of. This wasn’t just absurd it was a clear and obvious socialist takeover of medicine and logic. But in Africa where China has invested billions building out Chinese-controlled infrastructure, launched “African” satellites into space and invested in global-scale mining ventures; plagues and catastrophes are now completely commonplace. And they are certainly of Biblical proportions. Medical outbreaks, swarms of locusts, even rivers turning blood red, all are taking place across the African continent. This also includes armed conflicts occurring in the majority of African nations, which China has also been found to be complicit in arming.

Italy was the source of the first major European outbreak of the virus. China received lots of doting media attention when it sent teams of medical workers and doctors to Italy to help the nation deal with the outbreak. The media portrayed the Chinese effort in glowing terms, featuring glossy sterile images of “medical workers” in white biohazard gear. Italy itself praised the effort, publicly touting China as an ally in the fight against the pandemic. Never mind the “hug a Chinese day” sponsored by the Italian government right before the advent of the outbreak, or that the celebration of Mardi Gras in Venice was the source of its spread across Italy. Or that the teams of medical doctors from communist countries are actually slaves.

China’s not trying to help heal the world, they’re trying to import a new business model.

But there’s another strange seemingly Biblical facet to the story. Italy is a country with a uniquely peculiar geographical shape. Some describe it as a little boot, but considering the circumstances some might describe it as a little horn, matching an apocalyptic Biblical reference, the healing of “the little horn” and the fulfillment of an End Times prophecy.

Except that this was just another Chinese counterfeit, one which President Trump stuffed with his quick and pointed introduction of hydroxychloroquine to the American public in one of the most Presidential Acts in American history.

The First Hack
The Chinese have been controlling the global narrative regarding COVID-19 from the beginning. Their first hack was to publish the COVID-19 genome only a single month after the first reported case of “pneumonia from an unknown origin in Wuhan” on December 8th 2019. The COVID-19 genome apparently totals over 29,000 base pairs, yet they claim they sequenced the genome in a single month. In fact they only published the genome after it was made available from another source. This is another massive over-exaggeration of bio-engineering abilities and a dangerous lie. This genome took longer than a month to sequence, either it was already sequenced and available, or the world was handed the wrong data. They certainly did not sequence a new virus from scratch within a single month.

Where’s the collaboration here? Who mapped this genome? What is their relationship with China?

At the time of publication on Jan. 11th 2020, the CCP was still claiming no human to human transmission of the virus, meaning the genome they put out was for a virus that did not pass between humans. But the American people are now supposed to believe current COVID-19 tests are accurate based on a genome that was given out under suspicious and highly questionable circumstances.

To add to the preposterousness scientists from the University of Edinburgh in the UK claim to have sequenced another two dozen more coronavirus genomes. A scientist who worked on the genome mapping of the ebola outbreak in 2014, described this timeline of genome mapping as “unprecedented and completely unbelievable“.

This hyper-mapping of coronavirus genomes is simply not possible, this is a clear corruption of medicine and academia for ominous purposes.

Interestingly enough, medical professionals from England were involved in another major Lancet journal medical scandal in 1998.

However so far the only evidence linking vaccines to anything detrimental comes from China, which was caught manufacturing and distributing over 900,000 faulty vaccinations.

And there are now other groups of “medical professionals” from the UK attempting to define the coronavirus into separate biological entities based on subsets of symptoms. To pursue a taxonomy and ordering of viruses based on a deliberate reordering of cause and effect would be to invite rampant fraud into the equation.

Where Did COVID-19 Come From?
As previously mentioned, medical sources from the Czech Republic report a large degree of manipulation and change in the “control room” of the new coronaviruses. They say at the very least this is unusual. But the reality of viral biology and pathology is that it takes a long time for a virus to actually succeed in forming and replicating another viable form. It takes a massive amount of biological iterations, e.g. generations of the virus, to actually spawn a new “successful” viable version of the virus.

But this same tactic of muddying the picture of the origin and spread of the infection is now being used to promote the wild and biologically implausible theory that the virus has already mutated to become less lethal but more contagious. Dr. Siegel was on the Tucker Carlson show attempting to explain:

“Viruses, like anything else, want to survive. Now, I’m not sure yet that this is the case, but as viruses mutate over time, they want to get more used to the human host. They want to be able to spread more easily,” Siegel said. “And if they kill the host, they can’t spread. So they tend to mutate in the direction of becoming milder. It looks like this may be happening here.”

Personally this was rather horrifying to see on Tucker Carlson’s show. And it’s also an impossibility. No virus could have mutated quickly enough to achieve these absurd parameters. These are only attempts to excuse and cover up the fact that the lethality rate of the virus was initially MASSIVELY overexaggerated.

But others are now bold enough to say it’s another novel coronavirus just recently popped up on the scene within the same time frame as the current one that also has the ability to infect humans. What’s next? Are they going to claim Mother Earth is rapidly springing new viruses against humans to cleanse the world of humanity’s sins?

These are clearly attempts to replace rationality and logic with superstitious socialist constructs.

There’s only been one recent biological mass large enough to meet the conditions necessary for a virus to go through enough generational iterations to achieve a successful mutation that would allow it to infect humans. And that’s the African swine fever that killed 25% of the world’s pig population in 2018.

The H1n1 outbreak of 2009 was a swine influenza (flu) that could pass to humans from pigs. “Swine influenza virus is common throughout pig populations worldwide. Transmission of the virus from pigs to humans is not common and does not always lead to human flu, often resulting only in the production of antibodies in the blood.”

That sounds familiar. It sounds exactly like what’s currently happening with COVID-19.

I’d considered previously that the African swine fever that recently swept across the world killing millions of pigs could have evolved to infect humans. I’d even published on it, but removed the content as I didn’t want it to be used as a further medical scare tactic. However Dr. Fauci recently ran with it in the news. Yet China contradicted this claim within the same week. But now mere weeks later there have been further reports from China of this new swine flu supposedly passing to humans.

This ambiguity speaks to the true level of understanding that China, Fauci and the rest of these medical professionals actually have of these coronaviruses.

And it also clearly speaks to a possible means of spreading the virus, or at least “signs” of it. Like antibodies.

The Chinese own Smithfield, the largest distributor of pork in the United States. Have they managed to start distributing COVID-19 antibodies in packages of pork across the United States?

They certainly are capable of it.

It’s a known fact China is involved in every layer of American medical supply manufacturing, they’ve already been caught selling coronavirus tests that don’t work. They could certainly be manufacturing COVID-19 tests that declare false positives. In fact with the economic downfall experienced by Western countries during the pandemic, China would actually be incentivized to do so.

And any state-controlled medical institutions run by Democrats looking to disparage President Trump and alter the narrative could certainly acquire tests that produced false positives.

China controls our medical supply chains. Whatever “results” we see are intrinsically sourced from China. You can assume that since they are capable of throwing the results, they are definitely throwing the results.

Has this virus been around longer than they’re saying? Have they collected a bunch of coronavirus antibodies and are somehow redistributing them to the population through the myriad of supply channels China controls?

We’re using the Chinese for the genome, we’re using the Chinese for the supply lines, we’re using the Chinese for their entire plan for the virus. Which is to shut down the U.S. economy.

The End Game
According to the Chinese book of war, “All warfare is deception.” The civil unrest, the amateur saboteurs and statue-haters, the “little fires everywhere” as Hollywood refers to it, are just a distraction. It’s the big tears and holes that take down the ship. China wants the world to think they’ve lost, that their embattled, beleaguered, catastrophe-infested country and regime is finally broken. Negative. This is when they are at their most dangerous. All the “cultural revolution” hoopla is cover for the real goal of inflicting long-term economic damage on the United States. America is the breadbasket of the world. The southern beltway of the United States from Florida through Texas to California is the agricultural transport network of America and the world. Los Angeles is the sports and entertainment capital of the world. These are what make America truly strong.

China hopes to replace these with their own counterfeit versions. Or at least temporarily disrupt and sabotage long enough to steal a portion of the market. China’s $10 billion film industry is in direct competition with Hollywood. There’s even a recent Chinese movie reference to treacherous “phosphorous oil”, i.e. Remdesivir. And if you want to truly understand the seeming craziness sweeping across America, check out the Chinese movie The Final Master.

Chinese influence shut down the NBA season in the U.S., while promoting NBA play in China.

But of deeper economic significance are the agricultural supply and transport lines running across the southern beltway of the United States. There were concerted efforts to hoard and limit the supply of essential items during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lines of shoppers heading single-file straight to the paper products aisles to clear the shelves of bathroom tissue and sanitary napkins day after day. Many commented on the absurdity of the situation, local leaders and even CEOs admonishing the hoarding as unnecessary and illogical. They didn’t understand it. What many didn’t know is causing panic buying and shortages was a tactic of the socialists and communists in their recent takeover of South American countries. (Venezuela seizes toilet paper factory – 2013)

For a few weeks the U.S. did indeed have a bit of a hiccup supplying shelves with bathroom tissue and other paper products. There were supply lines “stuck” in Mexico over pulp manufacturing. Chinese officials introduced new measure after new measure on exports of PPE articles that created huge backlogs of such products leaving the country. Even meat and milk products were scant on American shelves.

Except the American manufacturing system woke up under President Trump’s leadership and thoroughly demolished these obstacles.

But U.S. manufacturing and supply lines were tested. And these forces will try and try again until they succeed or are defeated.

What many Americans aren’t aware of is how much influence China now has over South America, and more importantly, the Panama Canal. China hopes to replace the southern beltway of the United States. Or at least to sabotage it long enough to capture some of the market. This plan has been decades in the making, and they are so close to their goal. Unbeknownst to most Americans, the Panama Canal now lies under the controlling financial interests of the Chinese regime. If they can disrupt the flow of goods and supplies across the southern beltway of the United States, they hope to entice, or coerce, shipping and route lines and “large container” transportation down to their little South American monopoly. Much of the evidence of the amount of Chinese control over the Panama Canal has already been “cleansed” from the internet. This is the job of the liberal leftist “cancel culture”, to create a distraction and circus while they delete and conceal the history that really matters, the foreign interests behind the economic socialist take downs of American business and industry.

The machinations of socialism and communism have already been hard at work down in Central and South America filling the gaps after the departure of American influence in the 1990s. This shift in political climate and influx of Chinese money and influence in South America came to be called the “Pink Tide”, a reference to the earlier “Red Tide” Russian Bolshevik revolution in Russia, as well as the rise of extreme left “social democrats” that came to power in South American countries during this influx of Chinese financial investment. But the wanton government expenditures and massive corruption of these politicians left these South American countries reeling in complete economic disarray, the national welfare of countries like Venezuela completely destroyed.

But there are those in these countries desperate to recover, willing to undertake any venture however underhanded to regain some economic foothold. They conspire in league with those that control the Panama Canal, to sabotage their chief competitor, the southern beltway of the United States.

They can create a spike in infection rates wherever they want. They’ve muddied the waters that bad they think. Why? Sabotage. The southern beltway of the United States.

And if they can hack a virus, they can hack an election.

The final countdown begins..

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