Buy FULL Manwhore 2010 Speech on “Smooth Sexual Game” for CHEAP!

By Manwhore
February 10, 2012

Want to know what to say to have entire groups of girls show off their tits to you? Learn THAT inside this speech!


The full length dvd of my 2010 talk down in Orlando on “Asshole game, Presence & Entitlement” is now available for purchase from the 21 Convention.  Click on the link here to get it: The Manwhore Collection is NOW AVAILABLE

You can choose to purchase a full package of all my talks or just the 2010 speech. The talk was very popular and a lot of guys from the audience told me they were able to IMMEDIATELY implement the things I spoke on, that night at the club.  I cleared up a lot of questions they had on getting physical and intimate with girls, and how to make things sexual with a girl you’ve just met.

Here’s the preview of the talk down below.

The link to purchase the dvd once again is: The Manwhore Collection available for purchase

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