LR: Fast Escalation w/ Black-Italian Artisté

By Manwhore
January 11, 2012

This is a rather SHORT account of how I banged my buddy’s roommate. It’s short because.. we’ll you’ll figure out why pretty quick.

A lot of guys don’t understand the mechanics of how to be dominant and smooth in bed. This recount of a gorgeous lay I had demonstrates the components of owning your environment.

I was at a buddy’s place a few months back. I get to his house, walk into his room and just start talking, assuming it’s him and I. I look over and in the corner there’s a girl I don’t know. This girl practically glowed, I was incredibly attracted to her immediately. Feminine and bouncy, an obvious sexuality to her. A few days later I’d be pretty sick of her and try to stuff her in the dryer but that’s not the point of this “LR”.

Anyways there wasn’t much interaction between her and I except passing exchanges.The very next night I come back from helping Tyler on program. She’d just gotten back herself.

I ask her where her boyfriend is. He’s out doing something else. She tells me its too bad ‘cuz she’s horny.

I point to the futon where she usually sleeps.“I’m sleeping there tonight. I don’t care if you do too..” Of course she’s going to sleep there it’s her bed ;).

I forget what she says but my tonality states it’s a fact not a question or anything open to discussion.If you get anything out of reading this, get that.

I lay down and crash.She tells me she hopes she doesn’t keep me up as she’s going to work for another hour or two.I tell her she can work tomorrow to put her laptop away and go to bed.She pauses and then agrees, puts her stuff away.She tells me she hopes she doesn’t kick me during the night.I don’t know what the fuck she means and tell her so.She says she fidgets at night.I realize she’s saying she plans on sleeping the opposite way, so her feet are on my end and my feet are at her head.I tell her that’s retarded and to face the same direction I’m in.

This is apparently a 12 Step program.

She switches sides and lays down next to me, turns away.I immediately set in.. grab her lower neck and pull her back, slide my hand down and grab her hip, tucking it in against me.She exhales a bit and pulls away but is turned on.Token resistance.I do it some more, I’m not at all put off by her resistance.I relax a bit- natural ebb and flow.Then I come in again.I snake my hand around her hips, sliding it up tightly between her legs, she squirms and shudders.Tries to pull away again.This time I grab her and pull her in tighter against me. Tuck her into place the full length of our bodies. She’s not going anywhere and she’s going to feel this.

She makes little exclamations as I fondle her body in delicious ways.. “I have a boyfriend…I don’t condone this…I don’t agree with this. What are you doing.”All while little moans and shudders escape her. Deaf ears babe.

I move her around by her hips, pulling her in, then pushing her away.I slide my hand inside her pajama bottoms, feeling her over her panties, then inside her panties.Holding her against me by clamping my hand over her soft little lips down there.I reach up and cup her breasts, surprised to feel how big they are.She should be showing these things off.

I push her away and she lays there quietly.A few seconds go by and she’s still quiet, probably wondering what’s going on.At this point I’ve managed to throw the condom on- breaks over.I push her on her tummy and pull her panties down in the back, reach under her to pull her up by her hips.She lifts them up and sticks her booty out- waiting for me to enter her. At which point I do.

I enjoy my business- riding her tight ass body from behind, her pushing herself back into it so she can get as much as she can. I ride her for 10-15, then I’m done fucking around. I turn her over and grab her under her shoulders so I can pull her down roughly while jamming harder and faster up inside her. It’s time to use her to make myself cum. She lays huddled up, eyes closed, legs wrapped around me; simply hanging on for the ride as I grip her under her shoulders and ram her repeatedly.

=======) – — –  : )

Interesting point was all the dumb little stumbling blocks she put up in the way. Not because she didn’t want to have sex; but because she needed to know I was serious, and the kind of guy she could have sex with, the kind that would go the distance. So when guys ask me how to be dominant in bed most of the time they’re asking me how to please their girlfriends more, or get more sexual compliance from them. But in actuality you should be sexually dominant with a girl from the beginning.. because that creates an amazing relationship dynamic!

A couple days later she found out was my website; apparently she’d already read the entire thing and had some kind of fascination with it.That might have complicated things if she’d known from the beginning, but at this point I’d become so sick of her crazy emotional shit I wouldn’t have fucked her again with someone else’s dick.

Still- her emotional button-pushing over guys is formidable. At times even I found myself arguing with her and I’d have to release the emotions. The fact she couldn’t phase me is probably the reason in her mind she’d already realized I was a guy she wouldn’t stop from having his way with her. But, she’s good training for a guy learning to be more present.

Interestingly, I find that when girls become aware of what I do, they’re absolutely fascinated with it.Their main criteria is to be genuine and authentic.So it’s very easy for them to listen to me talk on it.Especially since I’m more of an authority on it then they are, and project this, while describing it in terms of the emotional helplessness society tries to burden women with when they have sex- which is bullshit.. and how I talk about it in terms of a dude becoming a man- the kind of guy worthy of fucking chicks.. not some manboy throwing a band-aid over gaping emotional immaturity.


And Happy Memorial Day. I’m a vet!

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