Big Pharma’s “Autism Therapeutics” Industry to Expand Massively by 2030

By The Wizard Mandragora
February 22, 2024

Here it is in glaring detail:

They project the “autism therapeutics” industry to expand from $2.01 BILLION in 2023 to $3.42 BILLION by 2030. That’s almost double the size. The autism epidemic is a cash cow. There’s absolutely no predilection given for the condition possibly being solved and cured. In other words my work identifying the root neural mechanics of autism as a lack of reflexive sensory motor development (a condition easily prevented at birth) runs contrary to big pharma profits to the tune of a few billion dollars a year. I’m sure most are aware it’s also big pharma pushing the transgender craze. It’s their prepubescent chemical treatments funding the whole marketing and legislative push. It’s bizarre to see American politicians pushing treatments that essentially sterilize a young child before they even reach adolescence. There is something peculiarly wrong and evil about what’s going on.

It’s the same with the abortion industry. There is a large “advertising budget” that is turning the abortion industry into a women’s rights debate which is simply their dog whistle to cover for the glaring fact the # 1 product of the abortion industry is deceased infants. Young mothers no matter how inexperienced or “not ready” for motherhood should at the very least be counseled and given advice on how to manage their pregnancy healthily and plan for their upcoming family. That’s not what’s happening.

The autism industry, transgender industry and even the abortion industry all are marketed under the same guise of benevolence when in actuality the bottom line is they’re all purely bent on increasing their customer base. This of course has very detrimental effects on American families but they’re gleaning profit from it and that’s all that matters.

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