LR: Bathroom Pull at Holiday Warehouse Party

By Manwhore
January 8, 2012

I’d made a buddy through a mutual friend who was somewhat of a famous artist in the San Diego area. It’s one good thing about cities like San Diego, they’re not TOO big or too fast-paced, so you can actually meet and maintain relations with the MAIN party throwers of your area. Hitting the club is fun, but doing the same thing every weekend gets stale. This guy would throw warehouse parties from time to time and these parties were AMAZING. This was one of them..

The Christmas party started out pretty slow- it might have been a good idea to have gone to another club for the couple hours and then come back, as the party was open till 6 in the morning. But that being said, within 45 minutes of being there I had four girls on lock and I was sorta playing them off each other for who would snatch me first ;). Three of the four were definitely fuckable, and the other one was an older lady that was such a sweetheart that I chatted her up as well. They all watched each other being flirted with, even seduced, and as much as society tells them it’s a bad thing, they all were happily pulled into it.

Anyways I was at the party with a few other dudes I’d invited who were attempting to mack the girls at the party like I was. Here are some things I observed that they could probably work on:

Too invested in each single interaction:
Which caused some guys to sometimes not approach at all because they took it so seriously they got stage fright/performance anxiety/approach anxiety/social anxiety/whatever anxiety, lol. Just be casual! You’re not meeting your soul mate you’re just mingling and talking to people. Exchange pleasantries with someone and then just talk about random nonsense! You don’t have to be “Mr. Seduction” right off the bat! In fact give it at least five minutes! (Some people think even that is moving too fast lol)

If you have problems with “small talk” join my coaching program. We cover this as much as we need to to make you a master at it.

Besides being afraid to get blown out (rejected) as soon as they walked up, I also didn’t see any follow-up. This makes or breaks an interaction with a woman and/or her friends. Go in, shoot the shit, display some attractive masculine qualities, and leave, then COME BACK! Lol

Main point is there were obvious differences between what I was choosing to do with my time at the party, and what every other guy there trying to get laid was doing with his time.

Within half an hour I’d spoken with most of the people there,left without letting anything get stale, stayed when things were interesting, made people laugh, showed my naughty asshole side, left to increase intrigue.. and had come back to do it again. This is called fractionation. It’s an NLP concept that’s very powerful. Every time you go back in, the interaction gets more powerful, hooks stronger with a girl.

Vertical game vs. horizontal:
The event highlighted a very important point. I sensed some guys are used to being able to run low quality game on a bunch of available women that they can “bump” into, rather than focusing on a limited quantity. This gives the “out”; being able to eject and run the same stuff on new girls, without having to progress or escalate on the girls they’ve already interacted with. Play the game to win, yo! That being said, around 12:30 a bunch of girls showed up that blew my mind. And no one was talking to them! Pulling a girl out of the party to fuck was OPTIMAL as girls were there in 2s and 3s and were fucking horny.

Being a dangerous man.
Breaking rapport, being the standard. Dominance to perspective

Taylor and I walked up to the same girl pouring water, a hot 6 foot tall one in a white dress. I was challenging her and generally giving her a hard time, within 30 seconds she was fucking wet in her panties and begging for my attention. He was looking to have rapport and be friendly. GAY. Be in charge of her, not trying to communicate to her that you’re on the same level. You are not there to be “nice”, you are not there to make people comfortable, to be friendly and make them think you’re a nice guy. Fuck that weak shit.

Girls do not fuck guys who are nice. They fuck guys who are dominant. Get this, understand it, internalize it, CHOOSE to communicate this.

Anyways I took one of the girls upstairs into a sectioned off area of the warehouse, set her on her knees and put my cock in her mouth. Did she get on her knees and take my cock because I was “nice”? No.. she did it because I was dominant. A bad ass guy is the only kind of guy she gets to be slutty with. She can’t lower herself to her knees for a guy that’s “on the same level as her”. Think about it..

BREAK RAPPORT. Challenge people in fun ways. Cocky/funny demonstrates that you expect more from people, and expect it from yourself too.

Be a dominant force. Speak with authority on everything. About Christmas trees, where the water fountain is, what kind of blanky you prefer. I tell a story how my mother taught me how to pee standing up. How do you think I sound when I tell it?

Important point: if a girl doesn’t want to fuck you the same night.. why would she want to fuck you later on? If you can’t game her to the win that night.. why would she give you her time later? She’s right in front of you.. face to face. Top sales guys call it “high-value time”.

Let logistics fuck it up for you, don’t fuck yourself.

Some guys feel the urge to be entertaining, to make girls laugh so they “like” them. Bullshit. Girls aren’t attracted to that. Sure you can make them laugh, but don’t be trying to get them to “like” you.

Anyways back to the girl I fucked at the party.. even with her personal cockblock squad.

I first walked into the bathroom with her and another girl all nonchalantly. I think this is the biggest misconceptions guys have about bathroom pulls. It’s much much easier than they think. Just WALK IN with her, lol. Seriously, it’s just normal to walk into a bathroom with girls, it’s funny, shocking, and something that a bad ass dude will just find himself doing. So do it.

Anyways I walk in with her and there’s the usual “shock” she has to project just to protect herself. Then of course I grab her and pin her against a wall and start making out with her and she’s a cooked little turkey.

Then I heard a toilet flush, realized there was someone else in there, and walked out. ‘Cuz I’m a big pussy.

Anyways about 10 minutes later I walk upstairs with her, (I’ve been leading her ALL over the venue, just getting her used to following my lead i.e. taking her to bar, to snack area, to music area etc. so it’s natural when I take her somewhere private), and she sees my buddies up there so she tells me to hang out with them. I tell her no, scoop her up in my arms and walk off with her. I set her on a table about 20 feet away from everyone and kiss her. Grab her, pull her into a little room off the main floor and IMMEDIATELY hike up her skirt and go to town snacking on her little pussy. There’s little exclamations of “shock” on her part but this is her role, she HAS to do this. She needs to make it seem like it’s your fault, not hers.

Then I stand up, take out my cock, put her on her knees and put it in her mouth. Hot. There’s no way I’m going to come so after I’m satisfied I raise her up and play with her body some more. She gets some buyer’s remorse and I can see her state crash as she states “Oh Jon I feel like shit

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Her internal dialogue has kicked in and she’s feeling like a slut. As a dude it’s our job to dispel this and not let her soil herself internally with such nonsense. Anything sexual is our responsibility, our fault. I tell her this, but more importantly I raise her mood by just projecting a good emotional state myself. This is fucking important. This is 75% of getting laid.

Anyways about 45 minutes later I take her into another warehouse area of the party, hike up her skirt and fuck her from behind. Then I lift her up so I can face her and keep doing her. I like having sex with little hotties. Just thought I’d mention that. About an hour later I take her to her car and rail her in her back seat. She tells me I almost break her in half. Then she follows me home (about a 40 min. drive) and I rail her all night and in the morning. Booyah

Interesting thing, I couldn’t tell if her breasts were fake. They weren’t your typical fake breasts, they were only small C’s, but they seemed quite a bit more firm and perky. Whatever, they were delicious.

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