Autism is a Lack of Reflexive Sensory Motor Function

By Manwhore
July 16, 2023

Every symptom of is the result of a lack of proper reflexes that typically get initiated at birth. It’s as simple as that.

The entire spectrum and array of symptoms of result from a lack of reflexes that control instinctive physiological response to the external environment, as well as the body’s own internal environment. All the bodily processes and functions the baby doesn’t use in the womb, such as eating, digestion, use of its own airways, and vision, must be initiated after birth.

There are three main areas of dysfunction in autism: 1) lack of visual/auditory sensory integration 2) lack of proper motor development 3) lack of proper digestive and immune function. These are ALL controlled by reflexes, which normally are triggered and innervated at birth, or shortly after. However in autistic children this does not happen because “modern” hospital birthing policies have introduced a “helicopter mom” ideology that has resulted in a severe neurological sensory deficit disorder being inflicted on those infants at risk of developing the condition without adequate stimulus.

The postnatal innervation of the “auditory pathway” along with the innervation of “reflex arcs” are responsible for proper sensory motor development. Reflexive sensory motor function is responsible for visual/auditory sensory integration, mobility, and proper immune and digestive function. Without this, results.

Our sense of hearing is the only sense we’re born with capable of creating a physical analog feedback loop upon which to base sensory integration with the external environment. Our sense of hearing is bottom-up; instinctual. Vision is a top-down cognitive process. Infants are not born with developed vision, reflexes are what allow an infant to develop proper visual acuity. The vestibulo-ocular reflex moves the eyes instinctively in response to head movement. This compensatory movement is based on feedback from membranes in the inner ear, the utricle and saccule. These inner ear membranes are physical biological analog sensors that get innervated postnatally with the commencement of the full maturation of the auditory pathway after birth. The auditory pathway travels from the ear drum and inner ear, through the vestibulo-cochlear nerve, and ends in the tonotopic organization of the auditory cortex. The migration of rods and cones in the fovea of the eye, based on compensation for head movement, is what is responsible for depth perception, color perception, night vision, etc. But this doesn’t happen without proper reflexive sensory motor function. Autists, even high-functioning, have lifelong visual sensory difficulties.

Reflexes also control the digestive tract and the immune system. Our digestive tract is lined with involuntary smooth muscle, which is controlled by reflex arcs. Reflex arcs are neural pathways that synapse at the spine for faster-than-thought, instinctive processing.

The video below is the webinar I put together featuring my work for RFK Jr.’s organization Children’s Health Defense:

It’s highly consolidated, only 32 minutes long, and will give viewers a better understanding of the of and its symptoms than most doctors have.

What I described above is the “original” description of the condition from birth. There is also “regressive autism” which occurs in otherwise normally developing children. These children all of a sudden succumb to a neurodegenerative disorder which results in autism. This is ALSO the result of “helicopter mom” ideology.

I understand that a lot of people are shocked by the news that has been solved, but there’s also a lot of envy involved. People need to check that. This is about the children, the families, and the billions of dollars wasted on a preventable condition. I am a neurocognitive scientist from UC San Diego, with a military technological background. Neurocognitive science initially focuses on pediatric neural development but also includes mathematics, physics, computer programming, and AI. This is because one of the main goals of cognitive science is to recreate intelligence using technology. My military technological background obviously gives me an edge over typical neurocognitive scientists studying the condition. It makes complete sense I would end up solving it.

Most would think all of this would be great news, and a massive boon to my business and work. Unfortunately the opposite has occurred. Since publishing my work in Jan. 2019, I have come under constant attack by efforts to smear my work, my business, place me in legal and financial peril, and even remove me completely. These efforts have been supported by active duty us military personnel, as well as dirty law enforcement. I have contacted multiple lawyers over it, but the level of cowardice is astounding. It is very telling that it is these same people (lawyers) that are attempting to say they are capable of not just leading the U.S., but defending it. This is asinine. The entire country is crumbling.

I was one of the targets of General Milley’s “I want to understand ‘white rage.’” I will explain how Milley’s “data acquisition” worked out in real life. I went down to San Diego to report my work to UC San Diego some time ago. On my way back to my hotel from dinner one night, a black guy came rushing up on me out of the dark, but stopped 15 feet or so away, flailing his arms wildly and hissing obscenities at me. He acted like he was going to rush and attack me but never got closer than ten feet away. This to me was an absurd spectacle. I’m a high school and collegiate wrestler, have been training in kenpo and tae kwondo since a child. I wrestled for hours a day, 6 days a week, for several months, for years. Wrestling consists of standing two feet away from your opponent and attempting to tear him down again and again and again. I was my high school varsity team’s “scholar athlete” three years in a row. My forearms were monstrous. My thighs were oblong and massive. I could not fit into designer jeans for years afterwards. The guy never got too close, which would have been bad for him, but he was clearly attempting to engage me in a violent altercation. Once I realized what he was up to (I’d been dealing with this for a while by that point) I mostly just ignored him. However as I continued on I realized there was a cop in his vehicle with his headlights on pointed right at us only 50 ft. away. It was a setup to arrest me. A couple nights later on my way to dinner, a man coming from the opposite direction on the street stumbled towards me and made silly “drunken” noises. I didn’t think much of it just thought the guy was acting like an obvious ass. But on the way back from dinner the same guy was making plaintive animal noises sitting against a wall situated about twenty feet off the street. He had very obviously fake blood running down from his head, and was feigning an injury while making loud stupid noises. I knew immediately it was another setup, found a whole family of diners and led them over to the guy so everyone could take a look and I couldn’t be accused of being the only person in the area. I then called my mother to come by while I switched locations.

I described this along with numerous other incidents to my mother, who being an elderly woman, simply does not have the capacity to challenge these efforts on their own merits. She says the cops and law enforcement involved are just brainless henchmen. That is complete horse shit. Not only is that no excuse, but these are coordinated efforts. These “law enforcement” types operate under the cover of intimidation while attempting to take down a top US scientist.

There have been numerous other similar attempts, most of which I’ve reported. Now all this might sound familiar, because it’s the same context behind the entrapment and persecution of the Jan 6 protesters and their subsequent lock-up and suspension of habeas corpus.

Some time later I had an active duty army medic enter my training program and proceed to shit the bed. When I trapped him and called him out on it, he proceeded to call my cell phone to attempt to disrupt my hotspot connection for our video call. He should not have had my personal number. I have all this on video. After this he disappeared. Unfortunately when I realized what was happening I had to start recording some of my training calls with students. I also had an air force guy, a Manhattan stem cell scientist, an ex-army guy and former student who’d just so happened to move to SDNY’s jurisdiction, a health professional from the Portland area and various others who all attempted to embed weird deviant activity into the program. I called them out on all of it. I’ve got some bizarre activity on video. I’ve had “students” from the entire array of “five eyes” culprits documented, along with Chinese. It’s very clear I was the target of a large coordinated effort to take me down with made up stupid nonsense.

When I was in the army I was the XO of a recon training unit. Our unit put on 10 day field training exercises where soldiers were forced to respond to a myriad of scenarios forcing them to learn investigative skills to figure out hidden sources of sectarian violence and intrigue. There was plenty of dismounted ops, cqc, qrf and cordon and search type training, but the real gem was forcing them to think on their feet and figure things out. It was excellent training. Here’s the letter of recommendation I received from the unit 1st sergeant:


When I’d gone through the training myself earlier, it had been rather pathetic. The “hajis” spoke in baby talk and gibberish- zero actual real communication. When we put it on we had detailed and highly crafted scenarios and the “hajis” actually communicated. My boss was an ADA guy, not even armor, and he’d stalk around the office concocting these ridiculous scenarios to mind fuck the soldiers while forcing them to adopt real investigative skills rather than just being blunt force objects. It was excellent training.

I describe all this to illustrate the stupidity and futility of these efforts to smear and entrap me. It’s been utterly asinine. And did I mention I’ve been a world-renowned dating coach for over 15 years? These people are children attempting to spin their wares on the world class version of their efforts. Yet they’ve ruined my business and put my life in turmoil. The us army does not have any integrity, refuses to fix their mistakes, and only seeks to create cover for their past misdeeds. The us army should be operating with more integrity.

There have been numerous attempts in public settings to engage me, draw out my military background, then begin the introduction of drug use during military service. This is laughable. I never once engaged in this sort of behavior. I was, and still am, the complete opposite of Hunter Biden. Which is of course the comparison these “efforts” have been attempting to make. I grew up in church, read the Bible cover to cover eight times by the time I was 13 years old. It was the us army that “educated” me on things like corruption and outright theft of one’s work. They are still attempting it.

In 2006, in 5-15 Cav (I believe it was Charlie troop) ft. knox (during a boot camp cycle), a homosexual drill sergeant forcibly pulled down an army recruit’s pants and told another army recruit to have sex with him. He wasn’t the only DS involved. Multiple drill sergeants were court martialed, but the first sergeant and company commander retained their positions. I was attached to another troop in 5-15 but had regular dealings with the drill sergeants from that troop. Personally I believed the first sergeant was partially responsible for the conditions that led to the incident. This is possibly one reason why the armor school was moved from ft. knox to ft. benning.

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Here are more details on some of the situations I faced in the army:

LT Hamlin is the CO, also from 5-15 Cav, that stole my work then told the battalion commander I was a dirt bag to cover for it. Apparently this worked as he got promoted to adjutant for a general, which had to have ended up being a complete disaster. Not only was he a thief but he was incompetent. Cpt New is the company commander that made up lies about me then began screaming and yelling at my review board when I presented the evidence that proved he was a liar. I still have all the documents proving my work and claims.

I would state the name of the army major I witnessed flagrantly abusing his two children in the presence of myself and a SFC, but I do not trust the us army to not attempt to erase those base CPS records. They have proven despicable enough to do so over and over again. And of course there’s the need to protect those now grown up children. But I have notified multiple congressmen and senators of the facts and details of the situation. It took only slightly more than two weeks after reporting the major, notifying our regimental commander of what’d happened, that my separation papers came down. There was no follow-up with CPS. They covered for that major by getting rid of me.

I’ve previously described the lt who finagled a blank eval from the outgoing company commander in exchange for getting his next active duty station changed to the post of his choice. That was cpt King, who only became a cpt without finishing obc because of this illicit little trade.

These “deep state” actors behind these efforts in the army and elsewhere apparently thought I was low hanging fruit, being a “dating coach”. Far from it. Unfortunately this despicable behavior on the part of the u.s. army spawned the “participation” of numerous other “interests”, including Chinese foreign agents, deep state morons, legal shills, as well as incredibly dark “interests” piggybacking off the medical industry. My work in made me the target of human traffickers, a very special and sordid kind of human trafficking. Uncovering the root of autism threw the covers off an industry that specializes in harvesting the “products” of the abortion industry.

My life the last several years has been a rather nightmarish onslaught of evil stupidity.

The us army does not have any mission more important than helping solve and protecting the children of this country. But they are not interested in doing so. Instead they have engaged in a despicable array of activities designed to smear me while failing miserably at their own duties. They think they are trying to cover their ass, their guilty little secret, but in actuality they are just serving the same corrupt medical industry protecting the abortion scheme, an industry that generates over $126 BILLION a year in revenue just in the US alone.

I’ve done multiple recorded interviews for medical organizations. I’ve been in contact with the NIH, my alma mater UCSD, numerous doctors and biologists and even technologists. I’ve received major consensus on my work, but have faced absurd levels of obvious and singular suppression of my work across the entire expanse of big tech and social media. I used to have 50,000+ visitors to my site a month. I was one of the chief architects and cornerstones of my industry. It is absurd to just POOF remove my presence from the web when I pre-date the entities that host the current representations of MY work. There were efforts to fake a pirating of my traffic sources, SEMRUSH bot attacks, etc. But in actuality all they did was RECREATE my work, as if they were the authority and I was copying them. This is absurd. This is my domain. I am the one that stands at the gate.

I will no longer be defending President Donald John Trump until I receive major public review of my work. There are no excuses. I consider his situation to be absolute kiddie shit in comparison to what’s really going on. Not that the legal danger he faces isn’t real, but I had Jackie boy figured out from the moment he fell off his bicycle. Actually even before that. Maybe Trump thinks he can trust the efforts of those such as TGP, The Federalist, etc. But they’re only regurgitating my work from years ago identifying the fake legalist/linguistic efforts attacking him.

FYI, this post will be staying up.

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