An Open Letter to Dr. Robert Malone (Inventor of mRNA biotechnology) Re: Neurological Sensory Deficit Disorders & Exaggeration of Bioengineering

By Manwhore
December 24, 2021

Hey Doc,

I’m the neurocognitive scientist from the University of California, San Diego that linked the autism epidemic to the fact that “progressive” hospitals stopped paddling babies’ bottoms at birth starting in the mid-90s. This is actually a practice that’s been around for millennia, I’m sure you are aware of the practice as well.

But there’s HUGE problems with removing this practice, at least for those babies at risk. It’s not just that babies need a sufficient enough stimulus to alert them that they’ve left the womb and are now “born”, but it is what jump starts awareness, and.. viability.

The paddling at birth induces the baby’s cry, jump starts the “reflex arc” of smooth muscle involuntary processes in the gut and digestive tract to synapse at the spine, and innervates the auditory pathway, along with the inner mechanisms of the ear – the saccule and utricle, through the vestibulocochlear nerve, which provides for the baseline integration of human sensory integration with the external environment. Essentially  no other sensory apparatus we’re born with provides for an actual physical feedback loop with the external environment. Through soundwaves and the concept of “interference”, the baby hears its own cries echo back, in predictive repetitive fashion, and thus begins to learn about and spatially encode the outside environment. Once the baby figures this out then the sense of vision takes over. But our sense of vision by itself would never be able to provide for an actual feedback loop that the baby could learn from. This is essentially the same issue “driverless” technology based on camera systems runs up against. “AI” based on cameras only results in “pattern recognition”. The saccule and utricle in the inner ear are responsible for our sense of head “acceleration”, e.g. head movement, and this is why autistic babies fail the head tilting test. Our sense of proprioception is also developed from the syncing of the saccules and utricles of the inner ear with similar mechanoreceptors in our skin and limbs.

The “reflex arc” is also essential for smooth muscle endogenous processes. You probably remember the difference between skeletal muscle, which is voluntary, and smooth muscle, which is involuntary. It’s the physical paddling upon birth that creates the reflex arc that involuntary processes are dependent on. Peristalsis, sphincter control, etc., all rely on signaling pathways that take place below the level of consciousness. This is why autistic babies are extremely fickle eaters, and chronically constipated. And in fact this also accounts for the rise in obesity rates in children across America. But premature babies also suffer the increased risk of necrotizing enterocolitis. Without a properly functioning reflex arc, smooth muscle processes in the stomach and digestive tract are not able to remove waste or transport oxygen to infected tissue properly, and perforations in the digestive tract as well as uncontrollable bacterial infections occur, many times resulting in the death of the child.

I published this content a few years back, and then watched everything unfold. It was all..very interesting.

I was doing some biology research in another area when the FDA approved their first treatment for Covid-19, named Remdesivir. It took me a few looks to realize what they’d done. Remdesivir is a replica of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), our body’s biofuel molecule, reduced to monophosphate, with a hydrocarbon benzene ring attached at the phosphate group. Hydrocarbon benzene rings are the main pharmacological ingredients of fentanyl, opiates, bisphenols, and other assorted known carcinogens. They are also the cyclic hydrophobic structures responsible for the stabilization of industrial plastics. What’s interesting is that in the creation of Remdesivir they put the entire pharmacological relationship on grand display. They had NO business attaching a benzene ring right at the phosphate group, in the most coveted molecule in the body. It was a full on brazen display of sneaking through a new opioid in the treatment of Covid-19.

When I first published my expose of Remdesivir there was a bit of a hooraw. There were attempts to convolute the issue with “phenols”, or the false premise that Remdesivir was actually an “adenosine analog” (it isn’t), as if this was a reasonable excuse for such a monstrosity of bioengineering. The price was shortly after spiked to over $3,000 per dose, which was supposed to be the end of it as it was clearly no longer economically viable. This was the apparent solution, sidestepping the issue of having been caught sneaking through a new opioid by simply removing it from economic viability.

But apparently that’s not been the end of it, they’ve actually still managed to sneak the treatment into hospitals, charging the hell out of them (and American taxpayers), and killing patients. The detrimental effects of Remdesivir are quite widely known and documented. But hospitals don’t care. And it’s not stopped there. Shortly after my publication on it you could find discussions of the opioid nature of Remdesivir, its status as a pain killer, etc. But they’ve since shifted course, attempting to sweep the whole thing under the rug and turn an apparent defeat into a victory. Google has sneakily destroyed my site’s rankings even though I used to run one of the most trafficked sites focusing on “dating and relationships” on the web. They’ve attempted to create the narrative that I’ve managed to undo my own site’s rankings in my attempts to combat the incessant smear campaigns directed against myself and my work, infiltrating my business masquerading as clients and students and then just acting like idiots or just plain criminals attempting to drag me into illicit nonsense. But what they did to cover up the results of my publications on other sites was to introduce articles on the supposed benefits of using pain medication in treating Covid-19. Except this is incredibly obnoxious and very dangerous. Pain killers depress breathing, which is absolutely not what we want to be doing to high-risk Covid-19 patients. This only results in more patients dying prematurely.

Also, are you aware of Google UK Deepmind’s work in “protein folding”? They claimed the ability to predict the results of their experimentations in protein folding, which is actually utterly bullshit as there exists a complete (actually multiple) stop gap of information between the endoplasmic reticulum and the golgi apparatus. They are only tinkering around they’re not actually doing anything of significance.

And this is why it is so utterly dangerous that some random doctor from South Africa claimed to have identified a new strain of Covid-19, they named Omicron, that he was able to “identify” as having milder symptoms. Basically he matched symptoms and behavioral responses to a few “protein mutations”. This is a complete stretch and fabrication of the laws of biology. Essentially they are massively overexaggerating their biotechnical skills… again. In actuality the “milder form” of Covid-19 is just adapting what the novel coronavirus already was. A flu-like infection that only amounts to a mild annoyance for the vast majority. In fact their constant adaption of already existing conditions is a microcosm of the entire spectacle.. the introduction of a new “flu tax”.

Fauci is already aware of my work in this area, they all are. This is why he’s attempting to get ahead of the curve by claiming “significant mutations” in the protein’s receptor site.. which is still utter nonsense. Fauci is a lying goblin, an arch demon left over from the AIDS pandemic, still attempting to spread his wares. The entire medical industry is now run by globalist influence not interested in nationalism of any form, only in making profits off the populace. Borders are hindrances, religion a barrier to their attempts to instill superstition and fear in the coercion of their constituencies.

I hope this letter reaches you in a timely manner, and we are able to manage this mess the communization of the medical industry has put America in.

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