“Alpha Nice” The Most Powerful AND “Agreeable” Archetype of Man

By Manwhore
December 20, 2012

I’ve got an old buddy who lives life by a rarely seen but very powerful mindset.

He told me when he walked away from a girl (this guy has no fear of approaching a girl he likes), whether it worked out or not, whether he got a number or not, or would ever see her again, he was content. She’d gotten a compliment out of it, she’d gotten validated, and felt wanted.

I told my buddy, “A lot of guys are put off, myself at one point included, by the idea of giving a girl validation, without getting anything back from her.”

He said, “I do not give a shit.” (Completely non-needy.) And then offhand, “I get a lot of good energy from it.”

He recently bought a scooter just for shits, and was having a hard time getting it into his car. He saw a guy passing by in his BMW and waved at him, the guy turned around and pulled over to help him attempt to lift it into his Del Sol (with the top down). When I heard this first part I was floored, and asked him multiple questions. There was no hidden information. He had flagged a random guy driving by to ask him to help him lift a 525lbs scooter. LOL.

Then when it didn’t work, the guy offered to let him use his truck.

It took him ten minutes to come back with it. But it didn’t fit in the truck either. So he offered to let my buddy use one of his AAA tows for a few bucks! Unreal. Now at this point even my buddy was surprised, and when my buddy asked the man why he was giving him one of his three AAA tows for the year, bringing up the fact he was a stranger, the guy said, “I can tell you’re a good guy, and life has been so good to me, I like to pass it back around.”

This might seem a bit of a “lucky” chance at first glance, but when I thought about it.. it clicked. I realized that what you’re willing to ask for from other people, (e.g. my buddy flagging the guy down in the street) is a direct reflection of the kinds of value you feel you have to offer other people, and, what you are willing to give at all times. And since like attracts like; he got the attention of someone else who was also willing to give. OR, maybe the guy wasn’t willing until he saw how without motive my buddy was. And this is why mindset and inner game is so powerful. It shapes your behavior, and other people’s behavior in turn. I am sure there are lots of people in this world who live a life completely untouched by fear and negativity. They don’t even experience life on that level. Wonderful and amazing.

My buddy also sees tons of value in being nice and freely giving compliments and sincere positive energy. Now I’d seen and heard of this archetype many times but hadn’t really experienced the root of it articulated so clearly. My buddy simply wants to keep giving positive energy out into the world. That’s really awesome.

Another interesting story about this guy is that one time he got called out by the friend of a girl who he pulled away from a 6’5″ guy she’d been talking to so he could ask her if that was her boyfriend. When she confronted him, he said “Hey. I can do anything I want, as long as I’m polite.” She could only laugh and agree. And it wasn’t the girl’s boyfriend anyways!

He then proceeds to go off on a tangent and explain to them that he is special, because “I am a white guy that can DANCE.” And proceeds to bust out the robot. This isn’t dancing monkey, he’s completely owning this like a boss. He’s SUPER fucking cocky about how awesome he is. But this is because when he wants something he gets it done, and his work ethic is flawless. He takes care of his shit and stays consistent with maintaining the upkeep on everything that’s his, and so he can come at people just completely owning his own reality.

He started selling cars on the street 9 years ago when we were both back in college together, (my first introduction to the entrepreneur mindset) and then saved up enough money to start buying property and renting it out to tenants.

This is what Jeffy means when he says, “Pimping is a lifestyle.” People don’t realize that pimping is management, and that management gives you faith in yourself, and the conviction to take what you want.

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