Advanced Phone Game: How to Ask a Girl Out

By Manwhore
July 28, 2008

This is an advanced thread. I’m writing up a general phone game thread it should be up in a few years, just like all my other articles I say I’m writing ; b

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been on the other end of having a date set up the wrong way.. if the person chases too much I’m just instinctively not that into it. It’s got to be done the right way

A lot of guys make plans to go on a date with a girl like 3 days from now; this seems kinda not right to me. I know for myself personally I’m usually spur of the moment with my social plans. Chicks are terrible with this stuff and I’m not gonna hold them to something I’d have a hard time following through with myself. I dunno. Maybe naturally going on “dates” has never made much sense to me.. but at the same time, I think it’s just too much of a compliance test to a girl.. and also too much of a juicy opportunity for a girl to shit test a guy.. never being conscious of the fact she could in fact be ruining the whole opportunity.

Still.. you ballers that plan dates. Awesome. Keep doing what you do you I know it works also.

But planning a future day2 isn’t really my style. Sure I might call them and talk, but unless I want to hang out with them that day, and can tell from the vibe she’s down, I won’t even really discuss it. What I’ll do instead is make plans with them the day of. No real notice. Anyone who can regularly get girls to meet up with them should be able to do this.

Basic premise is this.. get on phone with her, or do it in person. Pump the fuckin’ shit out of her state.. make IMMEDIATE plans and go over!

How is this done.. ?
Associate her good time with you on the phone directly to meeting up with her that night. In a cheerful screening tone after an interaction of hot fun good vibes on the phone, ask when she gets off work, or where she’s gonna be in a few hours. After a few high notes just fade right into.. “So when are you off work tonight.. oh good! we’ll hang out.” ‘K done.. end of post.


“(Pirate hooker story).. she laughs.. so when are you off!

blah blah

Good! We’ll meet up after.” Then segway/transition into something else. You don’t want to be focused on the fact you just made plans with her for that night. It’s just not attractive, and cool dudes don’t give a shit about it anyways. They meet up casually with girls all the time. This is just the natural attitude they have about meet ups.

Like I said start talking about something else. Now this isn’t a strict rule, if you got to make some more plans then do it, point is to not make a big deal about setting up a meet with her. You can communicate this by just changing topics. Go with something that actually projects back at her. “You better not take a long time getting ready..!” This is perfect because you’re screening her again right after you’ve made plans.

Managing sexual expectations:

A lot of times I like to have fun and spice it up. Things will invariably get a little freaky and sexual. Like Alex says in his “phone game” thread.. if things are a little too off ordinary levels of social interaction, it’s harder to make things work out. She might be thinking she can’t hang out with you, or let you come over because it got too sexual and you won’t be sensitive to the fact she was just having fun, or isn’t quite ready yet to hit that sexual level or expectation.

What I do is settle the expectation down to normal levels, communicate I’m not just a sexual light switch and know she’s the same way, and qualify her to let her know I’m still considering whether I’m going to have sex with her or not. One of the best ways of doing this after a hot interaction, is by calling her, she hears the calm normalness to your voice, knows you’re not in a hyper sexual horny state. She can relax. This is good game if things have gotten a little hyped. It’s my way of having my fun, then settling things back down to ordinary levels.

Next example.. do NOT think just because you got sexual over text it’s on. In fact, it probably isn’t. She’s not writing to a real person, or listening to a real voice. She’s pressing buttons into a phone. Unless of course you do have that kind of connection with her. I regularly game girls over the phone or text, who have no clear idea who I am or what I look like, or I didn’t have a long interaction with, so I have to be aware of this. It’s interesting the look in their eyes when I show up and they thought I was going to be someone else. Anyways what I do is call her, like I mentioned above, so she can interact with me on that normal level.

SuperTechnique: Qualification to the meet-up
Something I do pretty much always, but especially make sure to emphasize when I’m doing a super quick seduction or trying to roll to a girl’s house with not too much rapport or connection with her, is start out by bringing up the idea of me rolling over to her place right then and there, but slowly shifting the frame of me wanting to come over, to making it seem like she’s got to get me to come over. I have used this repeatedly, from a simple phone conversation to me going over there and taking their warm little bodies any way I want.

First time I heard anyone actually mention this as a technique was at the 2007 21 convention. A buddy named Libido spoke on it and I went “Holy SHIT that’s what I do..!”

So let me go into specifics
I just screen the shit out of her. It’ll start out with me wantin’ to come over, and then end up her convincing me why I should come over. And I’ve fabricated the whole thing. I’ll even put words in her mouth, or make like I know what she meant and continue on. Meaning, I’ll have the whole conversation with myself if I need to, just making it seem like this is all based off feedback and communication from her. I imagine I’ve got some phone audio of this, but you wouldn’t want to pay my prices.

Point is this.. if there’s some slight resistance or hesitation to the idea of a meet up that night, you can’t chase her to come over. Or you are done. You have got to be the prize, she can’t be the prize here or the one “allowing” you to come over, or she’s a “slut”.

Also, you’re just some strange dude who wants to come over that she knows nothing about. Girls are scared. You show too much interest from a lower value frame and she’ll have thoughts of rape and murder, not necessarily in that order. So the idea is to push the agenda to meet up, without coming across eager. Be casual but persistent. Act like a cool dude who just gets what he wants, is used to people agreeing with him, and who just wants to hang out. So you have to act like a cool dude, which she knows from life experience is the kind of dude she can trust to come over who will handle business and who won’t create any awkward situations.

Remember if it gets sexual like mentioned above, manage those sexual expectations.

Now the actual technique and flow?
Like always I assume the prize frame. Because I am. Why should I come over? She needs to realize that though I brought it up, since I’m so high value I still need to be convinced. This will be based on her value to me, and like always I need to communicate this clearly to her because otherwise it’ll get lost over the phone. Examples..

Man I’m not sure I’m gonna come over” (implying that the decision for you to go over has already happened)

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Wait do you have food. I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich” (My favorite, no idea why this works so well) Also “Will you cook me food if I roll over.”

You better not have any cooties

Wait.. are you a sexual predator!? You are aren’t you. Ya. You couldn’t handle me even if you tried.”

Wait.. IF I come over.. are you going to behave? Seriously, I’m not just a piece of meat.”

Do all these look familiar? I think you got the idea from here..

Now don’t go overboard here and express too much disinterest, or make yourself out to be screening too hard, or you’ll end up blowing yourself out. This is all done in the context of you liking her and wanting to kick it, just being a high value guy naturally being hard to get who values his time and where he spends it. The best way to know how to handle this is to listen to her. There is no scientific formula. Girls are different, they’ll respond to things differently, they’ll be in different moods, different bio rhythms. Listen to her and you’ll be able gauge where to go with it. I’m sure you can do this.

It’s also a good idea to trivialize taking her address down so there’s no chance of her getting spooked. “Alright whats your address. I want to make sure you don’t live in the boonies/live in an Amish town/are a registered sex offender”. As you can see you’re screening her while moving forward. Very effective. But don’t get hung up over this, most of the time I just ask and they give it.

Next part? CLOSE.. make it seem like YOU are the one making the decision to roll over. “Alright! I’ll come over. You better behave.

I’ll post up real life examples on my blog.

Does this work on the hotties? Hell ya. Does it work ALL the time? Not always. But it works a LOT of the time. For one thing, girls want you to come over. Done. If they got a good reason to let you do so, and you’ve taken responsibility for it, and even made realize they’ve earned a high value dude? Fucking win/win for everybody.

This is a pretty solid breakdown of the process. Room for personal finesse and application? You damn right.

Here are some examples that I handled thru text..

Some examples in text..One of these girls I pounded the shit out of.. the other I blasted hot manthrax all over her cute little face. One of the more pleasurable ways of making a girl shriek..

Moneyshot post “Two nights of the caveman”.
Started out with text, absolutely no day2 set up prior to this.

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