LMR Series Part V: Creating a Sexual Shit Test

By Manwhore
May 6, 2009
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Most guys are afraid of getting a shit test from a girl, they think it’s a bad sign, or they simply aren’t comfortable with the energy of a shit test being directed at them. But the real problem a lot of “puas” have is they try to attract EVERYONE (make everyone like them), and don’t do a good enough job attracting anyone. Or they’re afraid to show intent because of the potential negative attention it will receive. But in actuality getting a shit test or provoking one isn’t even necessarily very polarizing. Girls enjoy energetic interactions.. so learn to play along with a girl’s shit tests and start introducing your own!

I was at my buddy’s house a couple months back. There was this girl there he was interested in. Somewhere in there he tried to qualify my “game” by saying I was only into sexually “liberated” girls. BULLSHIT. I told him the seemingly sweet girls at his house that night would rather have been running around naked. He made a couple personal shifts and was soon bending one of those girls over. Rather naughtily in fact. A couple new girls were at the house the other day. I walked around with a paper towel roll sticking out of my zipper. Welcome to my coc- the house, ladies.

We’re going to talk about injecting sexuality in a high-tension fashion. And dealing with the “consequences”. Girls have a natural order to things in their heads. Girls will be lovey-dovey all night long- making out with you passionately in front of all their friends. Then disappear off into the night. You have to bring this out and deal with it if it doesn’t match your agenda. If she wasn’t planning on fucking you there’ll be some managing to do. In fact you have to initiate some kind of sexual dialogue to get any kind of closing consistency. There’s 50 different ways of doing it. This is a “full-intent” style.

This won’t be applicable to everyone and every situation. In fact this is what some would call a “advanced” thread. If you plan on doing this without attraction- let me know I’ll come out.

I’m easily amused.

=======) – — –
I met a hot ass girl at a bar. We were making out, dancing, I was grabbing her butt, throwing her around, leading her thru the bar; mixed with withdrawals of my attention (Read Part I of LMR Series). She was with her bitch of a cockblocking friend; one of those girls who hated just to hate, would have tried to fuck things up if I’d even remotely tried to get rapport with her. I ignored her completely like she wasn’t even there. Girlie and I were in another universe together- no one else was considered a part of it. And she had her hands full trying to keep my attention, much less her hater friend trying to throw a wrench in my game. As described in Part I of this series, even tho this girl could have had any guy at the bar and knew it, she was hooked to the nonneedy attraction between us. I’d kiss her, then stare off, she’d lick and bite my neck, she’d dance with her friends then nuzzle back up with me again.

But as hot as it was.. I knew the lay wasn’t going to happen as things then stood. I needed to make this shit real for her; get everything out in the open so I could see what was going on. I looked deep in her eyes, and told her I wanted to eat her pussy. We were present together in that hot moment. Then she slapped me.

She knew I did not say it to get a reaction, she knew it wouldn’t have mattered to me even if she’d walked away on the spot; I was simply speaking my mind. I think a lot of guys get hung up on the whole “Self-Amusing” concept; because “it” has to be “amusing”. Self-dialogue is as important as Self-amusement.

She slapped me a couple times that night- for being “fresh”. But she knew a few things at this point: I was DAMN serious, she didn’t own me I was unpredictable, and I didn’t give a fuck what she thought or how she’d react. Most importantly she realized this wasn’t fairytale land. Some shit was going to go down and I’d given her direction as a guy should; as most guys fail to do. A future agenda now existed that she could trust would just happen. Girls don’t give a fuck if you’re a player or not. They only care if you’re able to go the distance.

Then throughout the night I’d put my hands down her pants- first to squeeze her tight buttcheeks (this girl had a delicious ass), then in front trying to get in her panties. I wasn’t successful at this. She would yell at me, hit me, glare at me. But that wasn’t the point. Physical game is just like verbal dominance. Unreactive plowing. But not escalating just to escalate- instead just a natural flow. I.e. even if she didn’t pull my hand out, after a bit I’d pull it out myself. Past a certain point a girl will probably get so used to it or want to test you that she just accepts certain things. You better not act excited like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. Take what you want. Then remove your hand from the cookie jar. There’s a natural ebb and flow. Same as making out, same as anything.

There’s been a few girls recently that I pulled the same night due to obnoxious escalation in the club. i.e. constant wrestling trying to get down her pants or up her skirt. The point of it is same as mentioned above. This girl’s friend even saw me put my hand down the front of her pants. She’s got to make sure you’re serious; her friends have to get on the same program as well.

Someone a while back posted asking if we ever got slapped. Guys are scared of it. This girl slapped the shit outta me a couple times. Later said she loved how she could slap me and I didn’t react. This has happened before. And I’ve never had a girl slap me that I didn’t fuck. Well no that’s not true. But the point is, girls will get “angry” with you. It’s just another chance to show you don’t give a fuck. I lifted up a girl’s skirt one time and got kicked out of a bar. Made friends with the bouncers and was back in pretty quickly. No justice in this world.

Understand I’m not a glutton for punishment, I’m not letting boundaries get crossed. I know why she’s slapping me, and I approve.

Couple weeks ago this girl was chasing my buddies around the bar twisting their nipples, they acted like they were being stabbed. She did it to me and I didn’t react- she and her sister were instantly up in my grill caressing my face and getting all lovey-dovey.

Anyways. I left with her and got back to her place. There weren’t any issues going back with her as this had already been handled thru the obnoxious kino escalation. I followed her into the bathroom. A lot of stuff happens when I follow girls into bathrooms. After ripping her pants down and checking out her vagina I told her “it” wouldn’t fit.

Huge point to be made here. Don’t make the issue about having sex with her or not, make it about if she can even manage to have sex with you. This becomes a challenge. Punch through the wall. Not at it. If you’re trying to play with a girl’s breasts, don’t put your hand up her shirt. Put it down her pants, then you can put it up her shirt no prob. Don’t see what’s going on here? If you want to sell something
for $2000, list the price at $2500.

I remember another time a girl was giving me difficulty taking her pants off. She’d only suck my dick. So she was going for my cock one time and I pushed her hand away and turned over on my side. She looked at me like I was retarded. Fully aware of what “game” I was playing. Didn’t matter. She tried for it again. I pushed her hand away. She immediately jumped me, pulled my cock out and started sucking on it. I told her “FINE..! But you don’t get sex!” Her panties literally dissolved and she’s riding my cock within 10 seconds.

Same idea in telling her I didn’t think we could have sex ‘cuz it wouldn’t fit. And not that I was “gaming” her per se. Her vagina really was obnoxiously tight. Still, she tells me my reverse psychology wasn’t working on her. Because she was a “socialogist”. Pure BS as girls logically say one thing but feel another. But don’t treat it that way. Don’t address it on a logical level, or allow your ego to become engaged. Just ignore it.

Anyways we’re still in the bathroom a bit later and she tells me “We’re NOT having sex“.

I say “PSHHH” and drop my pants. She wasn’t expecting this at all. She gets a bit wide-eyed but happily expectant. Then she tries to pretend it was somehow her idea that she wanted to see the goods? Whatever. So she immediately grabs him and starts fucking his shit up, I grimace but bear it.

Then she lets go and stands there, waiting. I push her against the sink. “Don’t you want to kiss him?” I wasn’t asking her in the traditional sense, I was asking her in a tonality that said if she didn’t want to she was a weirdo.

She does this thing where she tries to somehow get herself to her knees without showing intent to suck my cock. Plausible deniability ain’t always pretty. I enjoy the show, the feeling, the sensation of her on her knees working to give my cock pleasure- knowing she’s being bad sucking a strange guy’s cock but not being able to help herself.

I’d say I passed that shit test 😉

She gets up from sucking it. She tells me we should go outside to hang with her friends. Like I said, the natural ebb and flow. We hang out in the hallway, I pick her up and set her on the cupboards. We talk about our families and my past. I like talking to a girl about stuff like this. There’s something so hot and sensual about a girl knowing you and accepting you, and then speading her legs for you.

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We’re on her couch chilling with the rest of her peeps. I involve myself in their conversations when I want to, I never try to ingratiate myself in with a girl’s friends. She whispers to me telling me she’s on her period. I barely respond, then look at her blankly. “Am I s’posed to react or something? Do I need to say something here.” “So you don’t care..?” “Uh no.” She gets more excited. The game is over at this point, tho getting impatient and pushing it could fuck it up.

Anyways we hang out a bit and then it’s time. I fuck her all night in some dude’s room that’s gone on vacation. I found an unopened box of condoms in his underwear drawer and used 7 of them.

Next morning is a fresh start and I give her more dick. I tell her I want to cum on her face. She slaps me even with me inside her- says no one has ever done that and no one ever will. I keep talking about it, how hot it is and that I can’t wait. Pretty soon she’s licking my balls, then I unleash the flood all over her. After the holocaust she lays there looking up at me. She’s radiant

By the way if you guys want to learn how to make this happen through sexting as well, read my article on how to sext!

Addition- Very next night:  Last night was a slightly different vibe, and a different kind of girl. More of a cherish atmosphere with her.

The cherish frame doesn’t really match a same night lay agenda in her mind. And looking into her eyes and saying I want to eat your pussy would be like using a bazooka to crack a walnut. ‘sides this is natural game, and that’s just not how I felt.

I was dancing with her close when she happened to look up at me in a slightly coyish way and then turn her face. I pulled her in and told her Id just caught a glimpse of what she looked like when she was having an orgasm. Girliebutt melted a little bit and then kidnapped me in front of my friends

And the Next Night: Was out with some buds in OB.  I pull a girl into me without touching her, speak softly to her with a slightly stand-offish but quizzical look.  She’s intrigued by my attitude and soon is in my face.  I keep talking with the same vibe and soon our lips are grazing.  We make out for a bit then after a bit I look at her and say “I’m going to do things to you.”  Girl was done for.  However on my way over to her place some dude starts screaming into the phone if I “stepped on his property he’d shoot me”.  Decided not to bother at that point.  But I fucked her a couple weeks later.  She liked to make me play poker for sexual favors.  But she never won.  She’d be down on her knees in front of me looking up at me forlornly as she sucked on my cock, intermittently pleading with me to cum on her face.  I’d cum so hard it would literally hurt.

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