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Skinny woman: Ditto, Tom :)
Me - 4 hrs 59 mins later: Nice meeting you yoga

Skinny woman - 1 hr 23 mins later: Lazy :) Enjoying the sun, you?
Skinny woman - 6 mins later: I guess now just enjoying the memory of the sun then. Happy prez day to you too :). Wish I could take it off as a holiday
Skinny woman - 15 mins later: Haha, whenever I want, I'm only going in to catch up on things because my internet is out at my friends house. Prob around 5ish
Skinny woman - 12 mins later: Sounds good! Haven't been there
Skinny woman - 3 mins later: That works for me
Me - 14 hrs 22 mins later: Oh and hows ur pretty little Sunday been
Me - 3 mins later: Looks dark out to me, enjoying my shiny new h&m jacket promised to keep me warm. Happy president's day or whatever's going on tmrw
Me - 16 mins later: When r u off work? Tmrw nite is our holiday
Me - 11 mins later: So cool
Me: Lets say 8pm beauty bar in the mission...
Me - 2 mins later: Cool. Ya it might be lame in which case well figure it out.
Skinny woman - 7 hrs 8 mins later: I guess you'd owe me big time :). Tomorrow is better, bridge will be open so I wouldn't have to deal with bart
Skinny woman: How'd you know I get drunk on girly drinks? ;)
Skinny woman - 19 mins later: Just for the weekend, house sitting for a friend in the east bay this week
Skinny woman - 53 mins later: Like having my own place :). If only for a little while
Me - 13 hrs 39 mins later: Hey hey little lady. My gym buddy is rescheduling on me and I like HAVE to gym it up today. Would you rather do 10 tonight or 8 tmrw? Won't re-re-schedule and girly drinks are on me ;)
Me - 23 mins later: Haha the girly drinks are about me not you :)
Me: Oh thought you were staying in sf...
Me - 27 mins later: Oh coolio
Skinny woman - 10 hrs 40 mins later: Yep, I can. What time were you thinking
Skinny woman - 7 mins later: Yeah, that'd work. Have a place in mind?
Skinny woman - 6 mins later: Okay, sounds good, see you then
Skinny woman - 1 hr 33 mins later: No worries :). Got a drink, hanging by the bar
Skinny woman - 5 hrs 24 mins later: Had fun on our date :). Have a goodnight
Me - 7 hrs 44 mins later: Hows house sitting? I'm super late at work today but will prob be up to something soon lemme know if u can still join
Me - 6 mins later: 930 or so. That work?
Me - 6 mins later: Ya lets do beauty bar in mission
Me - 8 mins later: Sounds good see ya I a bit
Skinny woman - 36 mins later: I feel like I was up all night having sex ;)
Me - 52 mins later: Yawn just parking
Skinny woman - 1 hr 30 mins later: Haha, all I keep thinking about is a weekend marathon.
Skinny woman - 2 hrs 44 mins later: Is it wrong that I got a little wet reading this?
Me - 1 hr 55 mins later: Nitey nite :)
Me - 9 hrs 28 mins later: Ya it better feel that way...
Me - 2 hrs 9 mins later: Get ready. Its coming. Will watch jersey shore between sessions.

Joined: 01/18/2012
Hey dude hit the time
Hey dude hit the time adjustment button.

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