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Technical Difficulties on Monthly Membership area

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I joined the monthly membership area last week and have been working through the videos and articles, however I noticed that at least half of them do not work on my account consistently.

I'm not sure if its a bug or not but I can't seem to access most of the content on the site. I'm am repeatedly redirected to the payment page and create account page even though I'm signed in. The first 5-6 articles/videos work but the rest (most of the site) does not.

The account name is: kingboomy2       

I couldn't find anywhere else or support info to report this so I'm posting it here.

Please advise how to attain acces to the rest of the content on the site. I'm looking forward to getting through it.


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Hey dude that's actually how

Hey dude that's actually how the membership works. As your account matures, more (new) content gets dripped in. You do not get access to all the content as soon as you sign up. So yes, you are correct, you can see the first five videos and two written resources. You'll have to wait for the rest.

The software is very old and defunct, I've got a lot to do and the membership site simply hasn't hit the top of the priority list yet. But look out for cool new shit coming out soon! Lol


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Joined: 05/08/2017
Good to know. Just want to

Good to know.

Just want to make sure there's no glitch or anything.

Ok Awesome, I'll look out for it!