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What is wrong with my texting? Numerous convo samples inside. Please help Manwhore and advanced guys!

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This is going to be a long thread but I write all my problems in details as I really want to solve this shit out. I would really appreciate if you could spend some time reading this and help me with your advices. Ok guys this issue is getting really annoying. I can easily meet girls anywhere. Often times I get 3-4 numbers every week but the vast majority of them do not even respond. I do understand to a certain extend that girls often give their numbers to everyone and don't even bother to reply etc, my flake rate is significantly high! If we go into the basic principles a text should be different (who likes hello how are you texts?), playful, funny - amusing. I have never been a creative person in my life and my sense of humour is not the best but I am working on these skills right now. Although my texting style has significantly changed recently, the results are not that much improved. Before I write down some recent convo samples I would like to write some of the difficulties that I experience when I text;

1) My main problem is to start a conversation with girls via texting. As I meet girls at any random places (basically anywhere I see a cutie), I cold approach them and often times one party has to go somewhere so the interaction lasts in 5-6 min. Obviously I don't have much of an info about the girl and I don't wanna write something like "Hey whats up?" or "Hello how are you" as I believe these texts kill the interaction right of the bat. I know that a text should catch some attention. However because of my lack of creativity (hopefully it will improve shortly) often times I end up thinking what to write to a girl for about hours. At the end I manage to write something but 8 out of 10 NO ANSWER!!! This is the main issue. Usually I am bugging my brain for so long thinking something creative that at the end I feel tired.

2) Once I get an answer things are getting easier. I can create a bit more with the girls response but this time either I cannot be playful enough, cannot add enough humour or end up being too gamey

3)If I don't talk to a girl for a while (a week/ 10 days) I again don't know how to start a conversation and similar to the first problem I end up thinking ages and at the end I feel knackered

4) If I don't think that much I end up sending a plane boring text and guess what can't get a response...

5) Manwhore talks about creating a flow before arranging date 2 rather then trying 1 shot 1 hit but I fail about creating this vibe. As I don't get many responses after a while my texts dry, I run out of things to say..

Here are some examples. I met girl no 1 in the mall on sunday. We had a good interaction and at the end she offered me to drink coffee sometime. She forgot her phone at home so I gave her my number. Then she left as she was going to meet her bf

The next day
Girl No 1: Hi hkmt how are u? This is girl no 1
Me: Hello there!! Im great girl no 1 just came home trying to find a movie to watch haha.. How is your day going?
Her: Woohoo :) have you seen into the wild? Amelia or the girl with dragon tattoo? My favourite!
Me: Interesting. Just spoke to one of my movie addicted friends, she recommended the girl with dragon tattoo as well. I like super hero movies in these days, avengers, iron man etc...
Her: You gonna love intro! Have a nice movie night!
The next day
Me: I didn't watch a movie at the end but I saw you in my dream
Me: (1 min later) as a witch!! Lol
Her: Hahaaaa I like your sense of humour ps: witches are awesome!
Me: You could be a stylish witch though, possibly with a red hat like south park style :) (she is a really stylish girl thats why I wrote like that)

No response!!

Girl 2 is a sales person in a very famous shopping centre in London. She is Ukrainian, I met her on the street arranged an instant date and got some IOI such as "you are very sweet, romantic etc..."

Me: Do you know where they keep all these money at Harrods? I need it for my project
Her: Hahahahaha!!!!
Me: Hahaha what. it is not rock scissor paper woman. We are talking about a serious business here
Me: (8 days later) Privet!! (means hello in her language) I am going to a pub this eve, you should join. If you are gonna be a good girl I will treat you with skittles
No response. after this I lost my hope with this girl I was about to delete her number then last saturday I went to the town that she lives in (20 min away from mine)
Me: Yo whadupp? I will be in Richmond this eve. You should join for a drink. These bottles are staring at me saying drink us with girl 2!!
Her: Hey wha time you ill be there? I am still at work
Me: I will be there around 9.30 pm. Come to the river side around this time ;)
Her: (after 2 hours at 10pm): Hey, I am really sorry but I got stuck in central London. We are celebrating my colleague's birthday in the pub and i don't know what time I will leave as we just arrived
Me: Thats cool. You can stay there for half an hour - 45 min and then tell them that your flatmate forget her key so you need to home and come and join me :) Obviously its all unto you whether sticking with the boring colleague atmosphere or joining me for great fun

Girl no 3: I met her yesterday in the supermarket. She is very beautiful an easy 9 and very cute, sweet personality. We ended up talking for about 30 min she was ready for an instant date but I don't have any money as it is month end and I couldnt invite her to my place as it was messed up. There were condom packages from the previous night. Obviously I couldnt invite her. FUCKK!! so got her number, she is busy this week so we have already organised a date on next friday. 2 hours after I got the number;

Me: Hello cutie. Its hkmt. just finished another session in the gym. Getting ready for Miami lol. I hope you enjoyed the dinner after being that much hungry :)
(She knows that I am going on holiday next saturday and while we were talking she told me that she was starving thats why I sent this) NO RESPONSE. This girl is very stylish as well. During our conversation we realised that we both have funny frame party glasses so I am planning to text her tomorrow;
Me: You know what we should wear our party glasses and go to the Milano Fashion Week. We can rock it!!
Any thoughts?

Girl no4: Met her 2 hours ago in the gm. Super sexy body we chat a bit got her number

Me: It was a nice chat italiano lady. hkmt
Her: yeah not bad :) (for me conversation died here, her response didn't give me anything to play with so I tried to move on)
Me: You know what watching a movie with some fruit is awesome after gym, you should try ;)
NO RESPONSE!!! She is italian so I might try my chance saying "I guess you are from southern italy" as my friend told me that southern italians are very friendly whereas northerns are very individualistic and cocky so if she responses I can link to this and move on

Last girl, Girl no 5: I actually have a thread for this girl but I feel its worth to write here. She is a part time model. I met her on the street on sunday afternoon. She was working all day when we met she just finished working and I was going to the gym.
Me: Gym session completed, its time to chill with a movie now. I hope you managed to enjoy the sunshine. hkmt
2 days after
Me: Hello senorita. In theory I am on a diet but just had some taco feel like eric chart man from south park lol. feel free to put my pic to the definition of sin in your nutrition dictionary ;) any fun on your day?
(I wrote this because she is studying nutrition at uni so I was going her saying give me a diet etc. I thought adding up a bit of funny south park would be fun but didn't work)


This is getting a major issue for me. I take all the risks, spend time approaching girls, even get some success get the numbers instant dates etc but can't get anything at the end because of my text game. Luckily my night game is good so I still get laid 2-3 times a month but if I improve my texting my results will be bonkers. In order to be creative and improving sense of humour I started watching south park, family guy, american dad etc but I need further guidance. Could you please criticise my texts? What goes wrong? What kills the interaction? I would be grateful if you can give better examples in order for me to understand the mistake such as;

... This text is boring/ gamey/ unnecessary/ stupid etc I would write "....." instead which is realistic/ fun etc...

It has been a long thread but I really want to sort this shit out. I would be grateful if you could help me. I am waiting for some advices

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Alright, I read about 4 lines
Alright, I read about 4 lines into your first text convo and on thing I noticed is that SHES bringing the awesomeness...

Do you see that? Like you're totally just reacting to her enthusiasm...

Also- Just get creative... there are so many examples on here of cool shti to send on the first text. It doesn't have to be super over the top, just make it fun, kinda silly and it can be slightly accusatory or have a question built into it.

Watch southpark, family guy, tosh, chapelle, futurama, cleveland show.... all of this stuff will naturally become a part of the way you talk, or at least the way you text, if you focus on it and are consciously like writing funny shit down and thinking about it. I started watching a fuckton more of all of this ever since I started practicing text game. I'll watch like an episode or two a day... they are pretty short so it's really not a big deal.

Plus, they are just awesome to watch. duh.

It's Just Something You Have To Do If You Want To Be Great- Manwhore

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Joined: 03/31/2012
Buddhagames some questions
Buddhagames some questions for you;

1) In order to improve creativity and sense of humour do you only watch these tv shows or do youdo other stuff such as reading comics, comedy shows etc?
2) On girl no 1 if you were me how would you response her? Can u give examples
3) If you could analyse other convos as well, that would be helpful...