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Joined: 03/01/2012
So earlier today, me and my buddies went on talking about our exes. Damn we're such girls...
Anyways just to give some info about mine that might help with my question:

This was 6 months ago:
She's 26, your stereotypical Irish to a certain degree. Drank 2 bottles of red wine almost everyday...fck. Not a club junkie although i met her at one. Blew me off for 3 weeks before a day 2 lol. Then i don't recall what i did but on day 2 she became SUPER-attached to me. I mean to the point where she had me move in with her the next week, and talking shit to her mom who wasn't cool about the 8 years difference.
She broke it up because she got her drunk ass evicted after pissing off the downstairs neighbor one night (its not the 1st time). So she had to move back to her parents all the way in San Francisco, boohoo. She proceeded to deleting me off Facebook and not talking to me. She got butthurt because of the eviction record and tried to make it sound like It was kind of my fault. Yeah ok lol, anyways i just listened to her rambling.

Fast-forward Last month i got drunk and went stupid, so i decided to drink-call some people. My ex being one of them -.-
First i did so through my buddy's phone. Was going to talk, then she picked up, went "hello" i didn't say shit because i was freaked out.
Literally a minute later i mustered up and called her though MY phone, she didn't pick up. Buddy told me she must still have my number...

Now I'm trying to understand why she would possibly keep my number,
what do you guys think?
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It dont matter. Unless she is
It dont matter. Unless she is close enough for you to fuck her dont worry about it.

"These girls aren't going to harass themselves" - Some Cunt