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Want the Manwhore Droid App so YOU can publish your text convos here?

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Joined: 01/18/2012
Email me at [email protected] for your copy of the app!

Here are the directions for use:

You can register your user account from your phone. If you already have an account on, simply fill in the correct username/password in the "Configuration Settings" of the app.

The app does not upload all your convos, only the ones you choose.

There are two ways of uploading your conversations to your account on here. After hitting the View/Submit Conversations button, you will be shown a listing of your convos. You can either long-press the convo here and hit submit when it pops up, OR, you can choose the convo and from inside it decide how many days back you want to upload (default is entire convo), and then use your phone's "Menu" option to click submit.

From there go to your account on the forum and choose to publish your convos. When you're logged into your account here on the forum, simply go to: to see a listing of all your text convos that have been submitted. Find the text convo and hit "Publish". It will then be transferred to the forum for public viewing. If you need to you can unpublish them at a later time for privacy.

Be sure to name them something interesting that describes the vibe of the text, or, what kind of girl it is.. e.g. "Stripperslut69"

Also be sure to edit out any identifying information before posting, like names, addresses, cities, or street names.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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