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Been doing some day game on some college campus. Been inconsistent with the numbers because i haven't been going out as much and im having shitty things going through my life. I guess as a result, my interactions are horrible and when I try to #close 80% of the time i get the "I have a boyfriend" response...crap
I learned that when a girl gives you the bf excuse, you can plow by changing subjects, cool. But how do I change subjects when either I or the girl excuse ourselves?
Or do i have no choice but to improve the interactions

example yesterday:
Me: K, listen i have to go back and join my buddy. However you seem like a really fun person, we're going to go on a fun adventure sometime soon.
Her: aww i have a boyfriend haha
Me: yeah? Is he nice?
Her: yes he is
Me: cool, he'll make our favorite breakfast at sunrise
Her: hahaha

Normally they would say "I don't know if he's like that" then i'd stop and leave.. wasn't prepared for those responses
However yesterday i decided to amp it up and went like this:

Me: tell you what, we'll remain strictly platonic friends
Her: haha i doubt he'll be alright with that
Me: You're telling me your boyfriend doesn't allow you to have male friends?
Her: No he does, the thing is the fact that you approached me out of nowhere, kind of suspicious to him
Me: then take you faithful ass home. <----(jk)

here i bounced before i could talk any sh1t lmfao.
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I'd like to hear about this
I'd like to hear about this too. I know I'd get better advice here than rsdnation.
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^lol They say it cause it's

They say it cause it's either true or they're not attracted or maybe another reason you've read before. Sure plow through it if you want. Do more approaches.

Konstantine responds to this with, "fuck your bf I'm hotter than your bf." I think it's funny as hell.
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looks like your into the
looks like your into the whole day game thing,so am i,heres my thoughts

its possible all these girls really do have bf's.i remember once i approached 5 girls in a row,they all had bf's,ive done enogh approaches to be able to tell when a girl is lying about having a bf,these 5 werent.

i believe that any set you do where your naturally atractive and you execute the fundamentals of game /dominant/aggressive/outgoing/cool/relaxed,there is very little chance you will get rejected or lied to about the bf.oh and did i mention you will rarely get flaked?

so i think you need to judge for yourself whether or not these sets have been solid or not,and also realize that many of the girls you see out in the daytime,happen to have bf's,thats just the nature of it.where as if you hit the club,most of the bitches are single and ready to fuck.both have there pros and cons

hope this helped
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I remember David D talked
I remember David D talked about in one of his seminars to cold read the girl to try and tell if she's single or not. No one seems to talk about that though.