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Joined: 05/01/2012
How do you respond to boring questions like "what are you doing tonight?" or "how's you're day going?"

other than the obvious, normal answers in which you simply give a straight boring answer.

I am specifically looking for ways to answer "what are you doing tonight?" I want to somehow escalate to a flirty vibe and maintain an alpha frame

It should also be noted that she said "she is hanging out with her (two friends) tonight" and I am actually doing absolutely nothing tonight, or at least have nothing planned.
Steve (not verified)
Depends on if you've fucked
Depends on if you've fucked her before or not. You could always go with "you". Or you could go with something fun like "Working on my new business stealing bikes from lil kids for profit. I'm looking for a sidekick to lure them away with candy. Hey! Would you fit into a dragon costume?"

Haven't really crafted too many that escalate the interaction off of those. Maybe try to say something interesting and spin it into something easier to escalate off of?
Joined: 05/01/2012
great advice, STeve -
great advice, STeve - thanks.

Yes, I have been fucking this one for about 3 weeks now. I want to maybe try and set up the next text for escalation since youre right, there doesn;t seem to be a great way to escalate directly off this kind of text.