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Another text convo I had today. Some feedback on what I could've done better much apreciato!

Background: Met her in a bar. Talked to her for hours. Got alone with her in the end and made out. grobed her fine ass dancer bod. Yummy. Anyways we were both sober and I was the designated driver, had to give my cousin a ride home.

Me: Hey Girl, it was fun meeting you. Hope you got home safe. TheKid

Her: Hey TheKid, thanks and you too! I definitely got home safe. Did you get home safe and well? Cassey ;)

Me: Yeah, I was the designated driver that night. Or else our night would've been a lot different ;)

Her: Oh is that what you think? ;)

Me: Yeah, unless you're the boring type? ;)

Her: Did I seem like the boring type to you? ;)

Me: You seemed like the innocent little girl that just wanted to be taken... by my little cousin ;) (insider joke)

Her: haha that what you said about christine.. It was her he went after. - You got the handle on the ladies, TheKid? ;)

Me: What about you come over here and find out, Cassey ;)

Her: Ah a deflection - clever ;)

What do you guys think? Go for the meet?
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Whats with all those fucking
Whats with all those fucking winks lmao.

You should always go for the meet. Be direct when you do it though, not like "you should come over to drink" make it an adventure.

"These girls aren't going to harass themselves" - Some Cunt