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So this is the second time I've tried getting this girl to meet me, last time was two weeks ago or so. I met her on campus then later ran into her at a club. Sweet girl, she seems really into me in person.
Me: "Herro, life treating you well darling?"
Her: "Hey Lefthand life is going, I'm making the best of it. How r u doing?" (3 minutes later)
Me: "I'm well, did you stop by earth day? They had these magnificent strawberry smoothies crafted by the hand of thor, or at least a dude named deydey (6 minutes later)
Her: "Haha I didn't get I try one of those but I was there most of Saturday my friends band played" (8 minutes later)
Me: "Cool wish I could have made it, look I'm taking a bite out of game of thrones tonight, you down princess? if not don't worry I only want to embark with someone who's commited to the journey" (lol recycling, 26 minutes later)
Her: "I am so confused haha" (5 minutes later)
Her: "Someone just recently old me I look like the princess, but I still don't know what u mean haha" (8 minutes later)
Me: "Game of thrones is a showtime series =P" (1 minute later)
Her: "* told haha not old"(one minute later)
Her: "Lol but what were u asking me about the journey"(8 minutes later)
Me: "An epic journey of the mind while sitting on a couch"(2 minutes later)
Her: "Explain it to me.. If your not talking about the shows theme lol"(2 minutes later)
Me: "Lol I'm being dramatic, come watch the show with me at 8"(2 minutes later)
Her: "Yeah I can tell your being dramatic haha I really want to watch it from the beginning or else I'm going to be confused I heard its really good" (2 minutes)
Me: "I'm down to watch the pilot again, I haven't seen it in a long time"(4 minutes)
Her: "It sounds like some fun, to relax and watch the show But u have to help me with my math hw"(15 minutes)
Me: "If you'll be a good student it's a deal" (an hour later, derp should have texted back sooner but I was having coffee with another girl, I guess it could have used more energy too) The conversation died here, I tried giving her a call at 8 but didn't get an answer. Do you have any critiques or ideas? Where is the android app btw?
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Manwhore will send you the
Manwhore will send you the app I believe.

In my opinion it seems that the mistake was your last line (eventhough it seemed good + the time may have had an effect). Was thinking of a better response but got nothing lmao. Will update later, would also be good to get a comment on if I was partislly correct

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