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so last week i went out with a girl i banged about three months back. she has a boyfriend, and reinitiated a couple of days later after that fuck, saying that she's going to be on some movie festival. i just ignored it as the guy shares one of my social circles (he's not a friend but i know him), and is the kind of a guy that's gonna beat you up bad if he finds out. so i just let it drop.

then i saw her somewhere a couple of weeks back, thinking that i could hit that (she has big fake boobs - yummy), and i reinitiated. after some banter i asked her when she's headed to movie festival this time, thinking that it's her code  for sex...some chatting went on and i ended up pushing for her schedule. she was like: "that depends on what you want to do" so i did a step back and invited her to shoot some pool. we spent there about two hours, and then i told her we're going to drink some delicious wine, and she asked me: "we're not headed to yours place, right?"

so i was like nah, then i pushed her into cab and asked for the street i am living on. when we stood in front of my house, and i started taking out the keys, she realised what's going on and asked me: "wait...what? so you did all this just to sleep with me?" i didn't expect that, and had no clue what's the proper reposponse so i said just: "well... yeah". that made her angry, she started pushing in the digits of some cab service but then stopped and tried to logically analyze the situation. and she was like: "why do you have to act so nice? can't you be like a dickhead instead? i was so naive thinking that you just wanted to see me." after a couple of minutes of talking, during which i mostly remained silent, and only answered direct questions she was like: "you know what? i am going to drink one wine with you at your place so i can be made at you for a little longer." we went to my place, and some friend called her for a bit which probably helped her to calm down. i brought the wine, and slowly shifted the conversation to other topics. she was laying on my bed (only one chair in my room, hah) so i lay fairly close to her, and i could actually smell her juices. it was clear it's on, but i was a little taken a back by the situation so it took me a while to make a move. well... there was a happy ending.

but i am writing this because i am curious what was the proper response when she threw a fit in front of my house? i usually don't lie to girls but since she correctly guessed that a delicious wine means a delicious wine at my place, and going elsewhere just meant shitty logistics...i tried it for once. so what would be the best way to handle the sitation in front of my house?

also was it a mistake to lie to her like this? after reading fuero's article on the mainpage, im thinking that it might have actually been helpful  that it might be the wrench that made otherwise perfect date a little bumpy, and that might be why she endedup being horny just sitting on my bed without any sexual mood going on.

also my read of the situation with that: "can't you be a dickhead instead is...", that she was hoping we're getting to know eachother for possible boyfriend/girlfriend situation (would be a great start by cheating first... doh) so that's what actually made her mad. she also said something along the lines of: "well if you said what it was, maybe i would come anyway. but that's why asked what's the plan" and i call bullshit to that. i don't think she would leave her house if i implied that she comes over for sex.

Joined: 09/18/2014
sir, we've got a severe case

sir, we've got a severe case of tl;dr here