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I applied a good amount of pressure to this chick, and you can see that she's kinda leaning into it at some points, and then backin away from it at others, but I tried to basically push forward with the frame, as far as I thought I could take it.

Curious what you guys see in her last response- Did I push too hard, and need to re-callobrate at this point, or do you think I need to hold this frame, and that she's actually kinda close to flippin (if she didn't already)

Me: Um. Hi. Anyways, I feel you appear attractive and consequently would like to explore the possibility of enchancing your life by means of exposure to my awesomeness kthxbai"

Her: Haha is that so?

Me: Yeah, pretty much

Her: Glad we cleared that up

Me: Agreed, and now that the obligatory pleasentries have been duly doled out, it's only appropriate to discuss mutually beneficial awesomeness growth via margaritas 

Her: Haha sounds like a plan!

Me: Although I hope you're drivin cause your brevity ain't workin for you beb

Her: Not driving but making dinner, I'll step it up

Me: Oh, well yeah. I could use some home cookin'

Her: I made a quick chicken parm... I hadn't eaten all day. So I was starved for something good

Me: Oh I bet you were - shoulda invited me over. My shoulder is real sore right now, would love a chicken parm. You needta throw on some heels and just march on ova here

Her: Why is you shoulder sore?

Me: Your*

Her:  You are correct. Sorry I had just woken up

Her: Why does your shoulder hurt? If I'm going to make you chicken parm I feel like I should know! 

Me: Was lifting two days ago, and aggravated it. I used to sport in college till I separated a disk in my shoulder

Her: Ouch, I pulled my rotator cuff a while ago and I still have issues

Her: Take it easy gramps!

Me: Pfft PUHlease

Me: Talk to me after you got those heels strapped and my parm ready

Me: lil missy

Her: Pffft please!!! This is not heel weather!

Me: That's true-but we both know i'd catch ya if you tripped. Nuthin to worry about beb (This text was weird, I didn't read her response properly)

Her: Not worried about falling. It too effing cold!

Me Oh you don't havta wear em' outside- just while cookin my parm... I'll nurse my shoulder and watch ; )

Her: Hahaha we shall see

So yeah- curious where yall see her at, emotionally, with that last text. 

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Set up the logistics. She

Set up the logistics. She seems good to go 

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Thanks Yeah that's prob the

Thanks Yeah that's prob the advice I'd give me too lol'

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This opener just crushed for

This opener just crushed for me

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Yeah dude.  It's GOLDX100

Yeah dude. 

It's GOLDX100

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I have girls straight-up just

I have girls straight-up just ask to get drinks, directly in response to this opener

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I'll post mine up. This girl

I'll post mine up. This girl is definitely in, just being a bit coy with the last text. Really smooth