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Pickup Coaching
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Joined: 02/23/2018

Hello, Everyone. My name is Mr. Victory. Literally.

I used to be rather active in pickup several years ago, but had to quit for a few years due to a job loss, drinking problem and high credit card debt. Since then, I have been sober for nearly a whole year, started my own company, paid off my credit cards, bought a new car and saved up a good 20 G's in legal tender fiat currency.

Oh and I changed my last name to Victory. I changed my name because my previous name was dragging me down emotionally too much.

So now I'm ready to get back into game. I've noticed that women are treating me with much more respect since I have a lot of my shit together, but this whole game thing is still a huge fucking mission for me. (I.E. I'm still getting rejected a lot.)

I was well known as Amazing1985 on the RSD forums as the guy who hits on girls at the gym.

But I stopped going since I was going broke and drinking a lot, but now that I can go back to the gym, I am so out of practice that I hardly even check the girls out very much anymore, but hope to change that very soon.

Thank you for reading.

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Joined: 11/21/2017
Welcome bro. good to hear

Welcome bro.

good to hear your working on yourself and getting your life in order. Nothing against the rsd forum, but if you’re looking to get in touch with the inner beast, this is definitely a better spot for you. 

Are you going to get the training?

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Joined: 02/23/2018
Thanks. So now that I have a

Thanks. So now that I have a little bit more time and money on my hands, I wouldn't be opposed to hiring a dating coach or something if the price is right. But I think for the most part I just need to get my confidence level up and start talking to girls again.

I came back to this site instead of RSD because I'm pretty much over going out to bars and I'm already downtown pretty much every night with my new job. So I am thinking about working at getting good at online game and I have been getting slightly more replies I think because I don't drink and started an awesome business, etc.