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Infinite wrote:Oh

Infinite wrote:
Oh wait...

This isn’t even taking place in ‘Merica is it?

Dude. You were talking to her like she’s a dumb ass American woman the whole time lol. Idk where you are but you could have probably banged her already if you were more of a down to earth gentleman with a bit of easy to understand humor. 

This is assuming u guys are not even in the US. Women from out of US care more about trust and comfort building and they don’t friend zone u as easily for talking like an actual person. In the US you gotta be a little more of that extroverted narcissistic alpha male persona. Think Donald trump if he was actually charming and 6 years old. 

Pretty much all my convos are with European girls. I think I can count the number of attractive US girls I met IRL on the one hand lol. 

Yeah, there are some differences but I do think many people put too much emphasis on these. Biology is biology. 

Yeah as I understand:

US chicks react more to status, ambition, and cockiness. More tests on values compared to Europeans who test rather on comfort.

Having said that, this chick was definitely status oriented, more individualistic than an average European. So there's always a need for adjustment on an individual level and the things like cultural background help having a general frame for it.


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