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Jonathan of Manwhore.org is a professional trainer in the Pickup/Seduction community, with almost two decades of experience as a trainer and coach in multiple disciplines:

    • Neuroscientist and political scientist – University of California, San Diego
    • Ex-military officer and trainer
    • Sports coach (wrestling, martial arts)
    • Featured speaker at global men’s dating conferences since 2007

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“Drills-Based” Seduction Training

Bonus Interview for Kinobody Training Product “Superhero in the Sack”

“How To Sext” #1 rated source by Google for over a year.
Manwhore’s “How To Sext”

Yi’s “Chinaboy” Before and After clips of MW’s Drills-Based Seduction Training

  • Ex-Military Officer & trainer

  • Cognitive Science degree from UCSD – signed by the Governator

  • 2007, 2008 & 2010 Global Men’s 21 Convention Speaker

  • Affectionately nicknamed, “Manwhore” freshman year – UCSD

  • Varsity Wrestler “Scholar Athlete” 3 Yrs Running

  • 1440 SAT score (out of 1600)

  • Practicing “romantic dominance” skills at an early age

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