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Bragging - Brazilian chick that found me on POF

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Hey guys,

I have been playing with online game for a few weeks (I started game about 3 weeks ago) now and was approached by a Brazilian chick a while ago.
I actually live in Europe so I Skype closed her (lol) I like to venue change girls online hehe.

For your information she's about a 7 but due to the fact that she is highly sexual I consider her an 8 or 8.2-8.3.
So to give you an idea of how far I have already taken this conversation check the following out...I can basically talk
about anything I want with her and she even sends me naked pics of herself. Whenever she starts playing with me
I usually freeze her out completely for a few hours/days until she makes it up with new goodies. I am thinking about doing a sex video
session in the near future. She also wants me to visit her, but I told her she has to visit first and this is what is going to
happen if she does:

[18.04.2012 19:40:38] Girl:you should visit me
[18.04.2012 19:40:42] Me: nononononono
[18.04.2012 19:40:45] Me: first you come see me
[18.04.2012 19:41:07] Me: for you it will be a sex holiday
[18.04.2012 19:41:22] Me: because the moment you come here, I will take you in the next bathroom and you will be DONE!!!!!!!!!!!
[18.04.2012 19:41:41] Me: then again in the car....then again at home, then again at dinner, then again the next day,
[18.04.2012 19:41:41] Girl: hahaha
[18.04.2012 19:42:08] Me: then at breakfast, then outside in the wilderness, are going to have more sex than ever in your life
[18.04.2012 19:42:27] Me: I AM A WEAPON BABY!!!!!
[18.04.2012 19:42:35] Girl: 2 min..
[18.04.2012 19:42:42] Me: Hehe ok
[18.04.2012 19:42:47] Girl: I love you

So you see...I'm pimping it here....and the thing is, I have started doing the same with local girls because she has given me the
confidence to pull such shit off.
Well...I will keep you guys updated.

That's it from me.