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Too much... We'll see how she responds.. It's just too tepmting to make myself laugh and lose track of what I'm trying to do

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ME: Drug Dealer Opener

40% Enemy 56% Friend 29% Match Sent to 4jessy

Apr 15, 2012 – 11:54am
HER: As exciting as that sounds, I'm not one who is cool with drugs. I think they are stupid beyond stupid (:
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Apr 15, 2012 – 11:59am
ME: Damn.

I was hoping if we hit it off in our messages I could invite you over for a nice seafood dinner. I would catch lobsters myself, with my bare hands, from the nearest waters that inhabit them, which is the tank at the Red Lobster down the street. I would cook them for you in my kitchen...naked if you desire. Then we would indulge in the lobsters, along with any side dishes you would like, and a few glasses of wine from my cellar. Over dinner we could chit chat a bit, you could discover that I am more than just a gorilla juice head and I could discover that you are a smart, sweet heavenly blessed beauty just putting on a calloused façade. If you enjoyed my company then perhaps we could do it again if not then you leave with a stomach full of good food when otherwise on a night like that you would throw one of your Lean Cuisines in the microwave and watch One Tree Hill just hoping one day you could find your twistystraw man.

Apr 15, 2012 – 12:27pm
HER: Hahahahahahaha okay so here are some more disappointments for you.
I hate sea food! Hold off on the naked cooking for a few dates. I'm only twenty, so I try to stay away from drinking. But I'd have a glass of wine for the fact it is quit enjoyable on the taste buds. I pretty sure I am smart. I kill my sell at school. And lastly. Haha I don't eat microwaveable foods. Not healthy at all even if it is lean cuisine and one tree hill is a failure to society! (:

Try again? (:
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Just now!
ME: Lmao

I would hug a cactus then swim thru shark infested salt water to the arctic to do battle with an angry mother polar bear on a 2x2 foot iceberg for the chance to share a dinner with you on a webcam over a dial up connection.

lol, I come up with the most random stuff, comes in handy when writing papers for classes lol. Basically, the more we talk the higher your standards will be raised, and I don't know if that's healthy. I have a bad effect, if you get to know me more everybody else will seem bland and boring

But I guess is the point where I admit to not actually being super witty or amazing 100% of the time (it's more like 95%) and furtherore, that, contrary to popular belief, I'm not superman.

But seriously,

you actually seem cool I'm glad we started talking. Hopefully you're not actually a serial killer in real life but if you are I'm fast so I'll just run

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"Apart from the pulling and hauling stands what I am, Stands amused, complacent, compassionating, idle, unitary, Looks down, is erect, or bends an arm on an impalpable certain rest, Looking with side-curved head curious what will come next, Both in and out of the game and watching and wondering at it."