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Joined: 02/16/2012

Me: Hey, this is tacoeatertron
Girl - 7 mins later: Hi how are you? My name is Calia what is yours?
Me - 2 mins later: It's great. I'm Erik.
Me - 6 mins later: What are you up to?
Girl: I am about to have dinner. How about you?
Me - 2 mins later: About heading to the gym. I wanna try your food :)
Girl - 22 mins later: I need to go to the gym too and burn these cals lol
Me - 1 hr 49 mins later: Come work out with me tmrw morning
Girl: I work :/
Girl: Where do you work out?
Me: Sw rec
Girl: Oh! I can't get in anymore since I graduated :/
Me - 1 min later: Ohh where do you work out at?
Girl - 5 mins later: Powerhouse gym
Me - 10 mins later: I thought we could have had a date that has all the awesomeness, wet, and full of energy lol
Girl - 11 mins later: Lol
Me - 26 mins later: Well, we might just have to settle for a laid back and chill date at mochi then
Girl - 8 mins later: Mochi is so good!
Me: I'm getting off at 9 tmrw, what time you wanna go?
Girl: I can't tomorrow :/ can we do thurs?
Girl: U should add me on Facebook
Me: I haven't had Facebook for over a year tho. But what time you free on thurs?
Girl - 2 mins later: Oh boy! Why not? Lol i am free After 6
Me - 1 min later: Let's meet up around 8 at the one in downtown
Girl - 4 mins later: Ok that will work