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So last Saturday i did cold approaches at the mall, jogged to and intercepted a 2 set. Went direct I honestly don't remember much about this 5 min interaction, but i know we agreed to meet up for something fun (bowling) one of these days. My wing and i get both girls' # (is this a mistake?) and i later text them "was meeting you girls, From Guru - the best African ever." no reply, no biggie.
Next morning i call one of the girls, she picks up. She initially forgets who I am but when she remembers, she says something along the lines of "sorry i have a boyfriend, bye!" ....0.0
I laughed it off, did not bother calling her friend.

Afternoon rolls around, my buddy and I head to the same mall. The 1st set i approached was a cute hired gun named Mona, sells expensive shades at Macy's. I was wearing H&M shades, legit excuse to be there. Saw interesting ones ($250...FUCK.) I grabbed Mona's shoulder and as i ran my hand down her back i told her she would have to get them for my birthday next January (only time i remember being physical with her). She giggled, she seemed to enjoy my presence. I eventually left, several hours later I walked back by her area as the mall was closing. She just finished with the last costumer, I went over and got her digits. I will also note she said "Also write your number down for me so i can save it."

Anyways i just called her. Built some rapport, talking about weird costumers we've come across. She talked about how she was thinking about going into medical school, i went "great, i like running, if something happens ill call you. Take too long and Ill switch to 911"
we chatted a bit after that, then she excused herself claiming she was in the middle of watching a movie, that i should text her..... crap -.-

Me: I don't normally text, you have me breaking rules haha ;P What movie is it? (i hate texting)
Her: What rules haha. It's called Nine Lives. BTW i just wanted to put it out there that i have a boyfriend. WOW. I've yet to know how to reply to this