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I think this will be good for some guys in this forum too. Yesterday I ha an awesome makeout with a girl. The chemistry was electric and it was the first kiss in a while that I truly just enjoyed. Cause of the girl and the tension I built pre-kiss. And when I went for it she was giving me the sexiest little eyes and melted. This is opposed to my dance floor/high energy kclose when I just caveman the girl and go for the makeout after I grab or dance with her. The latter is more of a dominance/numbers game whereas the former is waiting for the deer in the headlights look. One thing I don't do is what brad says. He says he goes in for the kiss when he gets the look OR:

" The Proactive Kiss Close

The second type of kiss close is when I don’t even think she wants me to kiss her.

I’m ASSUMING she is going to deny it.

Why would I do this?

Self amusement.

If the conversation gets boring, it’s staling out, just start cutting the space and go in for the kiss.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get it, but even if you don’t, as long as you don’t freak out that she didn’t kiss you, it will be all right.

This leads to the next point, in that…


3.  Going for the Makeout ONLY Increases Attraction
Ryan was the first one to highlight this concept.

It relates to my previous example of the proactive kiss close.

Let’s say I go for it, and get the kiss…

Attraction obviously goes up.

But what about if I don’t get the kiss?

As long as I don’t emotionally respond to her rejection, I don’t freak out, it’s like I’m passing a shit/congruence test.

What happens if you pass a shit/congruence test?

Attraction goes up.

So I’m creating an opportunity to convey value by proactively creating a shit test and passing it, increasing attraction, or I get the kiss, which also increases attraction.

Therefore, NOTHING bad can come from going for it!

Again, as long as you aren’t emotionally tied to the outcome.

It has to come from a place of fun and abundance.

Self amusement, not selfishness."

Manwhore is teaching us to become really sexualized and physical and this is missing in my game. Going in for the kiss when I'm not sure I'll get it, just for the self amusement. I like it because you CANT lose. Either you get a kiss or you go in for a kiss, get a cheek turn but it pumps your state since you did it for the lulz and she gets more attracted. Awesome! Can't wait to field test this. All to help me become more physical with all girls and not wait for that glazed over eye look I love so much

This is just after I've been experimenting with Alexs recommendation of not kissing until you have the logistics or isolation for more.