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We are men.. we fight lions, the earthly elements, provide strong emotional context for what matters and what doesn’t

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Damn never ending value in that one article.

"We are men, we give STRONG emotional context to what matters and what doesn't"

One of my closest girl friends is one of the smartest, most talented, hard working people I know. She makes most guys look like 10 year old girls. She is also only 20 and constantly cracking under the pressure of developing her talents, living up to peoples expectations of her, etc. Its bitter sweet because of how masculine she is with regards to her goals and work she attracts really emotional boy-men. She needs a fucking russian bear to date her.

I've read the above quote at different times and its meant different things. I don't know if this is how it is meant to be taken but whenever this girl has an emotionally hard day she comes to me, even when she was still with her boyfriend of three years (who used to go to her crying over his emotional shit.. ugh). When she cracks she cracks hard. She has so much damn pressure put on her from herself, her school, her work, her parents, its retarded. She handles it all well but then just snaps every so often.. She is a girl after all. A strong one but still a girl. She doesn't concern herself over petty girl drama. She never gets emotional over that. Rather there is actually logical reasoning to her emotional low points. She'll tell me whats going on and in my head I'm like damn.. That does sound freaking tough. Like her problems and situations are really difficult to get through. The difference is as men we don't allow the emotions to cloud our thinking and actions. We can feel them, feel them strongly but carry on with this or that regardless.

She was telling me about some deep shit that was going on in her life, how she's been up for like 3 days straight working. How shes been emotionally strung out and is worrying about health problems with her dad. She kept plowing away due to her strong masculine side but then it caught up to her and one day while she was cooking she dropped a knife on her foot. She showed me the cut and while it wasn't bad it was the worst of her emotional low. After that she spent a few hours paralyzed in her apartment by her disassociation from reality so she didn't have to deal with her emotions.

When she told me about the knife and showed me the bandage on her foot I laughed out loud. She was trying to get pissed but couldn't and joined in with a giggle. "You think thats funny?" she said with a smile. "Yeah hahah" I replied.

We talked for a bit more and she went back to another few days of non stop pressure and work. More light hearted this time and with greater focus.