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Pickup Coaching
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Joined: 06/30/2012
Hi. This morning I cold approached n got this chick's number. She is Black, 21, a bit quite but receptive to my words. I called her the same day. She picked up and we played cat n mouse on the phone for a sec. She said she'd txt me later and here is the conversation:

Her: Hey
Me: On a scale of 1 to 10, how do rate your sandwich making skill?
Her: lol umm 12. Why?
Me: [My pic sent] Send me ur pic
Her: I don't send pictures. Sorry
Me: That's fine. Your eyes are Brown, right?
Her: Yeah hazel.
Me: Don't take this the wrong way. Your ankles are adorable.
Her: lol never heard that before. Why is that?
Me: They seem small enuf to fit in my hands as if i'd hold them when your legs were on the air.
Me: Have an idea of what you want to take at College?
Her:Psychology/child development and lil of business.
Her: How long have you been going there?

I'd call it a night. IMO it is a bit dull, stiff and less playful. What do you players think?