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Looking for dedicated NYC wing that wants to go to to the HOTTEST clubs and fuck the HOTTEST girls

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Joined: 03/18/2012
yo yo - been going out a lot - currently taking long-term text/follow up game lessons w/Manwhore. Can't go as hard forever w/this pimp player shit as I'll be taking web programming classes in the fall but I'm going DAMN HARD in the summer. I think Manwhore/probably even Buddahgames can vouch that I'm a lot better than the average player dude

Looking for a wing that's dedicated to the hustle. Looking forward to self-amusing FUN times and realizing this shit is just a silly process - how to learn how to use your dick and have fun while doing so.

I just ask that you most importantly be a POSITIVE person and fulfill the following requirements.

A. Can get into or have a strong desire to want to get into the best clubs NYC has to offer (ie ur not butt-hurt if u wait for 20 mins in line at Avenue/1Oak/RDV and still manage to get rejected).

B. Actually go out at least 4 times a week and approach girls when you're out.

C. Are comfortable enough w/yourself to be able to go out by yourself and still approach girls w/o knowing anyone at the club. To the point where if you get into the club and I don't get in you're cool w/staying there by yourself or vice versa.

Send me a PM and we'll take things from there...