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holy shit- there's even cockblocks in SALES: Field Report... for work? ha!

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So I made a post earlier about the similarities between sales and game and it's so true.

Today I went over to a client's office to close a deal I had made with them over the past week or so. I show up and my contact there is pretty hot. A little short for my taste but def. a solid 7 or so... great tits, blonde hair, very cute face... just a little too short for me.

Anyway- We start chattin a bit and I'm just running standard daygame type shit... if I have a client or potential client whose a girl, I just flirt with them the same way I would normally (minus ALL physicality lmao- I'm not fuckin crazy)... anyway- she's into it and like starts askin me about where I'm from and how long I've been in the city and where I went to school- basically, if we were out at night, there's a decent chance I would have had the opportunity to fuck her.

Then her uglier winggirl comes up and we all go into the conference room to chat and iron shit out...

Basically I had already sold them on a certain amount of widgets but my reason for being there was, primarily, to get them locked in with a longer and bigger contract than what I had already ironed out with them.

Before the uglier winggirl came up- I had already started framing the conversation the way I wanted. Basically same shit as game- just assuming that what I wanted had already happened and she had already accepted that frame and we had essentially moved onto the details of the extension.

I'm not amazing at sales, by any means, but I think I'm just good at getting clients to like and trust me... They all are super enthusiastic about connecting me with other people and grabbing lunch/drinks ... hell, I even watched football with one of my clients lmao. But once again, I'm not tricking anyway- I'm just a solid dude and I DESERVE the trust that these people put in me because I'm not going to fuck with it. I appreciate it and nurture it and respect it.

Anyway- we get in and my girl is telling her winggirl all about the extension and the winggirl comes in and is just like, "WOH WOH WOH" and starts cockblocking like a ripped vagina and I'm just like... okay, let's hear her out, stay calm and figure out the best way to handle this.

So basically my solution was to say, "okay, we won't do the FULL extension right now.. what we'll do is the first couple installments of the extension and then if you like what you're getting we can continue from there"... Cockblock AVOIDED...

Then the cockblock turned into an ally and actually gave me more business than I was expecting, so in the end- she actually got more than what she was trying to avoid lmao... i love how this shit just works out sometimes.

Honestly- half the time, you just gotta let them talk and they will get to the conclusion you want.

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