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Joined: 03/18/2012
Ahh I'm kind of pissed that this girl is leaving. She was sooo disappointed when I told her i had to get up early for work the next morning.

How I met her : We run into these group of 3 girls from Spain. Montaigne is paired off in loveland w/his girl - it's 3:50 at the point so I'm with her 2 fine ass friends. My thinking at the moment is just to occupy because dammit i have a busy day at work tomorrow so that's the predominant thought in the back of my head. I'm just hanging out/them and 10 minutes later some weird guy (i just assume he's some RSD guy) keeps trying to join our party. I'm like fuck off you're creepy and keep physically moving both girls around while having fun and laughing at the guy w/them who keeps following us around..

They really like me and are totally gaming me at the moment and INVESTED. They ask me for my # - ask to take pics w/me. Yes I am the prize tonight. Why can't every night be like this! We bounce them a couple of blocks for food. I have to leave because it's like 4:20. Come to realize one of the girls REALLY REALLY liked me. I sort of knew this but at the moment all i could think of was the next day at work and how much shit i had to do. As i tell them i'm leaving the girl the really likes me is literally looking away in disappointment. I want to go back but i think to myself - i probably have to go back home and change if i pull and there's now way i can function on 3 hours of sleep if i do pull.

Me: 07/27/2012 00:30:58 Tonight my rate is going up to  $2 million/hr....i hope u can afford me ;)
-Your amigo y bodyguard 

Her: 07/26/2012 21:21:31 Hahahahah you made us laugh so much yesturday... We are not goingo out today but tomorrow what plans do you have

Me: 07/26/2012 21:30:08 I think tomorrow im going to a fiesta in the early evening....mucho bueno

Her: 07/26/2012 21:31:09 Hajajaahaha ok! R you goingo out today?

Me: 07/27/2012 13:37:24 I was supposed to but I woke up at like 4

Me: 07/27/2012 13:38:45 I'm going to an AWESOME day/pool party around 6pm - you should join me

Me: 07/28/2012 04:08:39 Make sure u have the $2 million dollars ready to go

Her: 07/28/2012 04:28:31 Jajajajaj where are you going out today? 

Me: 07/28/2012 04:29:54 Prolly xyz then shhhh it's a secret

Me: 07/30/2012 02:18:06 La hermana pequeno de Penelope Cruz....como estas?

Her: 07/30/2012 02:31:11 Fine thanks! Im living tomorrow!! :( 

Me: 07/30/2012 02:31:46 Boo to Mexico!

Me: 07/30/2012 02:33:07 That's perfect...I want more dinero...about to go rob a bank - I need a driver

Me: 07/30/2012 02:33:34 Wut r u doin tonite