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Joined: 03/18/2012
The way I met her:

There's a lovely blond swedish girl that I actually really like based on the limited time (like 5 minutes) we've spent together. I met her a couple of weeks ago and we had awesome chemistry as she was sort of silly and playful but I pulled another girl that night and i didn't # close as logistics weren't going to work out.. I approached her and she was like "i've met you before - i was like hurr durr really?" and then i recognized her. I get back in and have a mini-debrief w/Montaigne about the last set. She's in a mixed set and I just pick her up from her friends and carry her around the corner, slam her against the wall and start making out w/her. She goes WHOA YOUR A BAD BAD MAN. come think of it i actually did this to earlier in the night but I didn't make out w/her as she was right next to her friends, I just sort of looked her in her eye and grinned. I drag her back to her friends and # close. I had to be really sly and intelligent about this bc i think she's on a date or there w/her bf or something so i introduce myself to him and tell him i'm a promoter and they're coming to my party and # close :)

Me: 07/26/2012 14:20:17 It's hot outside because the earth revolves around me

Me: 07/26/2012 15:30:38 Drinking that green drank...still tryin to recover from last nite (sends picture of green juice cup)

Me: 07/27/2012 15:28:23 I'm about to go rob Ikea....don't tell ur countrymen

Her: 07/27/2012 15:42:19 Who is this?

Me: 07/27/2012 16:23:59 On wednesday you couldn't handle my chocolate

Me: 07/27/2012 16:24:13 So I popped ur balloon ;)

Me: 07/27/2012 22:20:43 About to lord the night muffin bottom

Her: 07/28/2012 17:57:13 Haha ok i know who u are now!! I just got your voicemail... Kind of late. How are u?

Me: 07/28/2012 18:02:13 Life is good can't complain ;)...what are u up to