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Joined: 03/18/2012
I met this girl late late on Thursday night. Like well past 4 late. Walk up to her at the food truck w/her 2 other friends - a minute later we're making out. Logistics are fucked and she has a BF but it's all good.

Me: 07/27/2012 05:12:08 -Katalyst

Me: 07/27/2012 17:57:29 I'm about to rob a McDonalds...don't tell ur older sis

Her: 07/27/2012 17:59:11 Lol ur secret is safe w me! Send me a pic so i can save it in ur contact info

Me: 07/27/2012 18:02:10 I want one too

Me: 07/27/2012 18:03:46 Photo requests must be made in person btw

Her: 07/27/2012 18:05:13 Deals! (she sends me pic)

Me: 07/27/2012 18:12:32 Cool so when r u free to receive my hand delivered package

Her: 07/27/2012 18:13:52 Awh, that's no fair!!

Me: 07/27/2012 18:15:10 But it includes an 8x11 photo and a 3x5. In color full gloss. No likey?

Her: 07/27/2012 18:16:04 Lol now im sold!

Me: 07/27/2012 18:20:15 Here's ur 99c preview - taken in real time (i send her a pic)

Her: 07/27/2012 18:32:58 Sorry, i just got bak from running n could take 1 in real time!

Me: 07/27/2012 18:53:01 yea sure go ahead pumpkin

Her: 07/27/2012 20:50:21 Huh?!

Me: 07/27/2012 21:03:27 U said u wanted to take one in real time

Me: 07/27/2012 22:19:46 About to lord the night...wut u up to