You Must Continue to Lead Her

By Manwhore
January 14, 2012

Remember Tyler’s 3 tenets to life..? His last one was.. “never ASSUME anything..” Huge meaning but lots of people didn’t catch its meaning or application. Perfect example here..

Never assume the game is over, never assume a girl’s just going to decide for you she’s ready to go, never assume you’ve crossed the value-threshhold and it’ll be smooth sailing to the lay, never assume a girl’s mood will stay the same.

In other words.. ALWAYS BE SHOWING VALUE. Just as in a relationship you can’t assume a girl’s always going to be ready for sex, or to please you in whatever way you demand, you must always be making a girl feel good, handling logistics, and leading her.

It’s why I always say “closing” game is a whole ‘nother ball game. It’s like the next level in super mario brothers. Not that girls are video games, they’re not.. they’re calculators actually. What I’m saying is.. Live in the moment, always be living from your best qualities. Always be the MAN in the interaction/relationship, in how you live your life.

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I was dating a girl a couple years back. Beautiful, fiesty, independent, free-spirited. Hottest girl at the club wherever we went. She told me she was falling in love with me. Nice huh..?

One time she called me up to tell me she wanted to come by my work and suck my cock. She just really felt like having me cum in her mouth. I’m like… um ya that sounds REALLY good. I was “Officer on duty” on a 24 hr shift. So she comes by and calls me to tell me she’s in the parking lot. I walk outside. I’m tired as fuck. I trudge out there, walking slow, shuffling, head bowed. Not my normal energy or masculine core. I get in the truck. She tells me she doesn’t feel like it anymore she just wants to go home. I’m pissed. I yell at her tell her what the FUCK. She won’t budge. She goes home and I go back to work. Fuck

But seriously, can I blame her? As a high status female, I can respect that kind of behavior from her. It’s what attracted me to her in the first place. She doesn’t want some dude’s cock in her mouth who can’t even walk upright and straight.

I cannot count on her to make me feel better. I cannot expect a girl to lead me to a better place, or be lazy and let her run the show and set the emotional mood. I must always be leading myself, so I can lead her. I can never assume a girl will be willing or even count on her to be able to take care of shit while I take a breather.

You can’t game a girl, be acting high value and emotionally centered, only to a point where you lay her, or a couple weeks into a relationship; and then start busting out the bullshit weak-male emotional up and downs of an immature manboy. Maintain yourself.

Some might say that this isn’t right. That you should be able to relax once in a while and not have your girl run off. Sure, I expect the same. However consider the circumstances I described. And consider what’s happening during physical escalation with a new girl. You’re setting the stage for the entire relationship, and you must continue to do so. Yes of course you don’t want a girl who’s so shallow she can’t hang on even when you’ve been kicked in the balls and are taking some down time. But still, you better be back up on your feet quick, and when it comes to sex..? You are the one who sets that frame, especially in the beginning, or when she’s vulnerable, like when she wants to suck your cock in a parking lot.

So you want to be able to hold onto some emotional immaturity, and be able to game her so she doesn’t see this until after you lay her? Are you waiting to be able to throw some baggage at her..? A ‘lil revenge.. Remember this isn’t supposed to be a game. As we always say, “You can become an amazing manipulator, or an amazing MAN.”

A girl wants to be inspired by a guy to intimacy, to trust and be free to act like the little feminine human animal she is supposed to be. She can’t be expected to carry any of the weight. This is not her role. At least not in our day and age.

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