Why Does Alec Baldwin Continue to be Hounded by Right-Wing Pundits & Supporters?

By Manwhore
January 10, 2022

The supposed right-wing support for Alec Baldwin’s arrest and criminal indictment is a false dichotomy.

It only manages to survive on its own through the baser, meaner inclinations of the human spirit.

This is not the true conservative base. Stop feeding the depravity. And here is your warning: what this allows for is much worse.

There is a cancer that hides among the conservative base.

The reality is that these are legal industry machinations, hiding among the conservative constituency, that call for his persecution.

There’s only two points of contention that have any determinative outcome on this “case”.

  1. How did real bullets get on that set? How did movie production “ammo” get replaced by real bullets?
  2. Alec Baldwin claims he didn’t pull the trigger, only released the hammer. Well this is a claim that can be validated, or not. Has the gun been examined to support this narrative? Some have expressed disdain for this claim. I’ve fired semi-automatic rifles, m249s, heavy machine guns (.50 cal), miniguns, artillery, tank rounds, shotguns and pistols. No revolvers. So I personally don’t have any experience with the narrative he’s offering except to say that this would mean that the hammer had somehow been released to strike the firing pin without him pulling the trigger. This is a considerable malfunction, and one that can be verified.

Every other attempt to provide legal grounds of pursuing Alec Baldwin is just dangerous legalist conjecture, another false outcropping of the legal industry’s desire to control everything through linguistic trickery. And this serves as the basis for ’s entry into culture and society. It ALWAYS has. It caused the downfall of the Roman empire. Every early civilizational experiment to create a democratic society fell to these same machinations. It represents the entire spiraling descent of and civilization in the last millennia.

The conservative base should not support the legal industry’s attempt to claim Alec Baldwin just because he’s criticized President Trump. That is idiocy. And it only allows for the cancer that the legal industry has inflicted on America to grow larger, and claim control of the film industry. That would be a disaster, a mass feminization of movie productions.

And that is their real goal here. This isn’t a takedown of Alec Baldwin, this is an attempt at a hostile takeover of the entire film industry. All by means of someone sneaking real bullets onto that set.

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