Why Did SCOTUS Reject Trump’s Pre-election Lawsuits Regarding Election Integrity Concerns? Republicans & GOP Face Similar Situation in CA’s Recall Election of Gov Newsom

By Manwhore
August 8, 2021

It’s a pressing concern as it looks like GOP and other conservative/Republican candidates are facing the same situation in California’s upcoming recall election as they’ve now instituted a “Remote Access Vote-by-Mail” voting scheme that will allow for even more fraud.


The SCOTUS has recently asserted that states have an inherent interest in protecting the integrity of their elections, so what happens when states act to actively defraud their own state elections?

SCOTUS ruled after the 2020 election that Trump’s lawsuits were moot at that point, and that no evidence of fraud large enough to overturn the election’s results was then forthcoming..

But that doesn’t answer any of the actual valid ongoing questions regarding election integrity.

Democrats have attempted to argue that there is no proven evidence of “vote by mail” initiatives leading to fraud or abuse, while suing to distract and intimidate efforts to protect election integrity. They don’t care about “common sense” or even logic, they’re merely publicly adopting and parroting “legal reasoning”, which is a subversion of American society by a cult of lawyers who think they “speak their own language” and have enough power to take over while somehow protecting the country. Which is absurd. These are NOT people who know how to run or protect a sovereign state. This is clearly demonstrated through Biden’s recent blunders and legislative fuckaroos that have all mostly benefitted China over America. Yellen is an obvious globalist saboteur attempting to undermine America in favor of Europe and the other globalists. Wall St. relies on arbitrage, buying goods for cheap in Asia and then selling them for a lot more in America.. all these organizations and institutions are set up against America’s interests. So there are large “captured” interests vying against Americans, doing everything they can to control and twist the narrative to scrape by and maintain power, even if by illegal means.

But the Constitution doesn’t rely on “traditional Christian morals” to survive, even though that’s been the subliminal messaging put out by the socialists and communists in their two-pronged efforts to control the narrative. It is a robust and airtight institution that provides the necessary tools to protect America and its citizens.

And real legal reasoning exists to block such subversive voting schemes by Democrats.

“Vote by mail” and other such voting schemes that open up huge doors to fraud are not “innocent until proven guilty”. This is the entire premise of the DNC’s defense of “vote by mail”. But therein lies the flaw in their purported use of “legal reasoning”. Fraud does not have to be proven for these schemes to be outlawed, we don’t have to wait till after the fraud has occurred to block these efforts. States have an inherent interest and need to protect the integrity of their own elections. And these “vote by mail” efforts weaponize a citizen’s right to vote against them, forcing every day citizens to actively protect their ballots and their voice in their own government’s legislation against criminals and fraudsters. “Vote by mail” is clearly against the Constitution.

So who has standing to present this case before the SCOTUS? Larry Elder? The California Republican Party?

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